United release of the Spiritual Council

June 12, 2016

As members of the Spiritual Council of this Church, united by the only Spirit Who joins us, that is Christ, we intend to manifest together the thought and the universal action that moves and lets advance this Church, Mother Church, New Jerusalem.

One is the Spirit Who animates the Church: Christ. One is the Truth, Absolute and not relative, that this Church will never negotiate or and sell off: Christ. One is the faith that this Church will always defend and proclaim, against everything and everyone: Christ.

In Christ, the Son of the living God, everything accomplishes. The Father sent in the world a part of Himself so that all the world, in Christ, could live the true and only childhood of the Father. Those who don’t welcome Christ, the Son of the living God, as God, One in Three, can never be called “child” of this Father, Good and Saint. This is the only Truth, Absolute, that never will or have to be traded or sold off but that will always be defended, till the end.

In this is the essential and substantial difference between this Church and the Institution led by Bergoglio and his ministers, that was but now, deprived from the Father of the Presence of the Holy Spirit, is no more. As already happened at Jesus’ time, so now.

This Church will always confirm the action that proceeds from the Father and the Son. And the Father gave time to this humanity, arid and lost, to become “children”, embracing the faith in the Son and recognizing the Son, Christ, God. Only in Christ there is the true and only childhood of the Father. Christ is the Unique Way. Christ is the Unique Truth. Christ is the Only Eternal Life. This is the essence and the substance of the true Christian faith. This means for all the children that recognize Christ Son of God been joined together to the Heart of the Father.

Those who disown that to give life to new religious philosophies on global scale are not from God. Bergoglio and his ministers promoted a new global pseudo religion that doesn’t put at the center Christ, the Son of the living God, but the generic and human word “love”, in which everything and everyone is called to identify. This new global philosophy is not founded on Christ, the Rock; but is inspired by Sai Baba, the proponent of this project.

Those who adhere to such project are not in communion with the Holy Spirit Who proceeds from the Father and the Son, but are in communion with another spirit, an antichristic and antichristian spirit, that aims to annihilate the salvation Project of the Father. God the Father sent in the world His Son so that, along time, all His “creatures”, would become “children” adhering only and just to Christ, adhering only and just to the Church, one, saint and universal; not to others.

However the carelessness of many that considered and consider themselves the holders of the Word of the Father, the depositories of the Law of God, the administrators of the Vineyard of the Father, implicated that all what was announced in the Writes and prophesized by the God’s messengers, accomplished.

The unfaithful administrators of the Vineyard of the Father ended up in scattering what in the Vineyard had to stay, scandalizing the little ones, distancing the weak, subjugating all those that tried to understand the Truth, abandoning themselves to impure and not licit passions; and to cultivate personal interests.

For this reason was born and now rises this Church, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, the White Island wanted by God the Father Almighty to preserve the purity of the authentic Christian faith throughout the world.

God the Father engraved His universal salvation Project in the Heart of a Maiden, Giuseppina Norcia, that hosted in Her pure Heart, Christ, in the features of a Baby. She treasured and held in Her Heart the message of Love and Redemption for humanity salvation, that God the Father Almighty revealed to Her and that, now, with the manifestation of this Church, fulfills.

We, that received the grace to live Giuseppina Norcia and now in Samuele Morcia are living the accomplishment of what She announced (to us and to people), are living witnesses of the perfect continuity of action and communion of the Spirit between Giuseppina and Samuele, that in the advent of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem manifests.

Never the news of the advent of the “New Jerusalem” was welcomed neither before with Giuseppina nor now with Samuele; but always taunt, exploited and associated to “catastrophism” and to “millenarism” from those who, instead of promoting the understanding and the accomplishment of the Thought of the Father, deliberately opposed this accomplishment, denying to the children of God and to the goodwill people the knowledge of the Truth.

Those, to the announcement of the “New Jerusalem”, tore and tear their clothes, both civil and religious, before humiliating and deriding the Woman of God, that was publicly opposed and pointed at, now raging against the one that is called to spiritually lead this Church.

The Woman of God found joy and comfort only and just in Her Saint people, not in others; neither in those who despite being physically close to Her, didn’t share what Her Spirit manifested. Never the “New Jerusalem” was welcomed or accepted, neither from the close ones, nor by right-thinking, nor by the powerful of the world, but only from the children that She in the meanwhile spiritually generated. One and Saint was and is the action of the Woman of God, the action of the One who God has chosen and that now continues for the accomplishment of the salvation of humanity.

No committee or group of people, laic or so-called religious, now animated just by egoisms or economical interests, could manipulate the Work of God, the Woman of God, trying to divide the action of Giuseppina from the one of Samuele, manipulating and pleading false and tendentious news built and spread on purpose, to create a climate of tension and suspicion, to the sole purpose of discrediting and blackening deliberately the nature and the image of this Church, of Her guide and Her representatives.

This Church, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, will always defend the pureness of the faith; will always defend the Immaculate Heart of Mary; will always defend the Heart of Her that generated everything; and will always defend him that is giving himself totally to accomplish the will of God, Father Almighty.

Now as then David is not afraid of facing on Goliath, because if Goliath is strong and humanly powerful, David trusts in the Holy Spirit Who animates his action. The evil on this Earth doesn’t derive from David. The evil on this Earth is caused by the action of Goliath and his friends. From this one can understand the bother that brought Goliath to declare war to David. For Love to His Lord David will fight until all what is in the Heart of the Father will be definitively realized.

«To you, My Lord, I offer My Life, my everyday life. Make me worthy to partake in Your Love to win in Your Name». In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Gallinaro, June 12th 2016
Eve of the 69th Anniversary of the First Appearence
of Baby Jesus to Maria G. Norcia

The members of the Spiritual Council

Nello Migliaccio                 

Alessandro D’Argento               

Patrick Manfredi                

Pasquale Laezza