Universal Message of the Mother Church


  1. Beloved sons and brothers, beloved young people, may the peace of Christ, the Word made flesh, the Love made Man (Jn 1:14), be with you all. Christ, who at that time was born in Bethlehem (Lk 2:4-7), has descended to be reborn in the hearts of his sons in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), to be welcomed by those who, becoming a living Cradle, on the example of Mary (Lk 1:38), want to be reborn to new life in the Spirit (Jn 3:7), who is Holy and dwells in Mary, She who is Mother: Mother of God (Lk 1:43) and universal Mother (Jn 19:27).


  1. In these times, Christians are called upon to remain firm in their faith in Christ (Acts 14:22; 1Cor 16:13; 1Pt 5:9), so to strengthen their roots in the Saviour (Lk 2:11), to welcome his teachings and put them into practice, to love God and their neighbour (Mt 22:37-39), persevering on the right Path, remaining anchored in the only Truth that saves and thus deserving to receive the gift of eternal Life (Jn 14:6).

  2. The centre of the human and Christian journey of the new civil year which begins today, must be the Family, which must be loved, preserved and valorised just as the Father has given it to us, in the living and holy union between man and woman: the union that was, is and will always be in the Father’s thought, just as the Father Himself has manifested it to the world since the beginning of creation, when “male and female He created them” (Gen 2:27), inviting man and woman to unite and multiply (Gen 2:28). The Almighty Father confirmed his thought at the time when He wanted to incarnate, through the Holy Spirit, a part of His Heart in the Bosom of a Woman (Lk 1:35), so that the Word could become flesh and Love could become Person (1Jn 1:1-2). And this Thought has been totally sealed and unequivocally manifested when God the Father Almighty once again sent a part of his Heart into this humanity, revealing to the world of goodwill the Mystery of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:3), which finds fulfilment in the Universal Christian Church. In the Church of Christ, re-founded in the Holy Spirit who is the Love descended from Heaven, the Family is the centre of the Plan of Love and Redemption, wanted by the Father and begun with Jesus and which, in these last times of God’s history, finds fulfilment in totality.

  3. At that time, Mary Most Holy, in receiving the visit of the Holy Spirit, was not called to welcome and grow Jesus up on her own (Mt 1:20). The Son of God was educated and brought to become a Man within the family, in that Holy Family that, for the Father’s will, was formed by St. Joseph and Mary Most Holy (Lk 1:24), so that that Child could grow up following the example and the teachings of a father and mother. This is the Almighty Father’s will for every child who, on the example of the Child Jesus, should have the possibility to grow in human and divine holiness (Lk 2:52).

  4. Now the Baby Jesus has once again descended from Heaven, in Spirit and Truth (Jn 16:13), on the clouds, as He had promised (Acts 1:11). And once again the family definitively returns to be the centre of the Father’s plan of salvation for this humanity.

  5. Therefore, following the example of the Sacred and Holy Family, every Christian family that recognizes itself in Christ and in Mary, can once again become the foundation and fulcrum of the life of the Church and of the civil Society, so to bring all Christians and all men and women of goodwill back to live the holy order wanted by God the Almighty Father since the beginning (Gen 7:1; 17:1-10; 24:3-8; 28:1-3; 35:2-3.10-12).


  1. Animated by the lively desire that all Christians (Jn 1:12) and all those animated by good will (Lk 2:14) may bring to fulfilment the will of the Almighty Father, I hope that in this new year the Family will return to be the fulcrum of the life of every Christian and a priority for the economic and social policies of all the Nations that wish to keep their Christian roots alive, together with those who want to pursue the true common Good, in harmony and respect for the fundamental right of the sacredness of life of every man and every woman.

  2. By these sentiments (cf. 1Cr 29:18), I invoke upon all the faithful of the Mother Church, upon all Christians and upon all the men and women of goodwill, the living blessing of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Acts 3:26; Eph 1:3; Rev 5:12), so that through the living intercession of Mary, Mother of God and ours, the Family wanted by God may become once again the centre of the life of every Christian, of every man and woman of good will, and of every People and Nation.

+ In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

January 1st, 2022
Octave of Christmas
Solemn Feast of Mary Most Holy
Mother of God

The Pontiff