Universal Message of the Mother Church

  1. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. The true Light has come into the world (Jn 1:9) to give us His Love, to gather His sons and hold them close to His heart, so that all those who have kept faith in the true One and Triune God and trust in Him, may now experience Him, love Him and be reborn ever more in His Love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

  2. The only-begotten Spirit has descended in the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus in the form of a Child: a Child with the eyes of Man, who looks, scrutinises and acts, to allow the world to understand that it is necessary to be simple as children in faith (Mt 11:25) and poor in spirit (Mt 5:3), in order to be able to understand, welcome and live the action of the Son of God.

  3. The sons of the world do not understand God’s action, because confined in their own selfishness, focused and caught up in other things: ever increasing wars, new and changing pestilences, famines of every sort, without realising – in the meantime – that they are losing what truly satisfies the heart, soul, and spirit, in order to be regenerated and return to physically and spiritually live the true life: God’s Love (Ps 108:26; Hos 6:6; 1 Jn 4:8).

  4. Here is the manifestation of the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus, the second and final Grotto for humankind (Lk 2:16), where Jesus has once again descended and returned to draw His people to Himself and to lead the Tiny Remnant People of the Israel of God (Is 10:20-22) to victory, to lead all those who are animated by good will to live in the Truth, which is absolute and will never be relative.

  5. The Heart of a Child beats in the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, who is born to give Life to everyone, the true Life renewed in the Word made flesh, the Love made Person (Jn 1:14), who came down from Heaven to welcome His people, to live among His people, to bring Life and to lead to victory all those who, by recognising Him and welcoming Him in their hearts and with their hearts, want to live as “sons” (Jn 1:12) and no longer as slaves; as friends who are free and no longer servants (Jn 15:15).

  6. In the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus there is a Child who awaits everyone (Lk 2:10-12) in order to radiate Light and manifest holiness, in the expectation of the fulfilment of the Father’s promises, because the time has come – and it is now – when everything is being accomplished and will be accomplished.

  7. In the Little Cradle of the Infant Jesus, the Divine Child has returned to bring back into the hearts of many the true faith in He who is the Way, the Truth and Life (Jn 14:6), to drive away the coldness of indifference towards God; and to remove the temptation of worshipping a human and humanist god, an anti-Christian god who wants to unite everything and everyone into a human religion based on a human and indistinct love, that is not Love at all (Acts 4:11).

  8. Christ is the only and eternal Love, Love made Person, born to bring everyone to be reborn into new life (Jn 3:7), who has returned to bring this world back on the Right Path, opened by the Father, sealed by the Son, and continuously traced out and reconfirmed by the Holy Spirit (Jn 14:17) who has ploughed a path through history and through those hearts that, continually pressured by the temptation of God’s Enemy, waver and allow themselves to be led astray by the thought of the world, that wants to make the lack of love appear to be love and unfaithfulness to be faithfulness, inverting and overturning the terms of God’s original Thought, so that many lose their souls and fall into perdition (Rev 17:8).

  9. In the Little Cradle of the Infant Jesus, the Divine Spirit (Jn 15:26) has returned to restore order and discipline, so that the authentic teachings of the One and Triune God may again be placed at the center of the hearts of His sons and daughters and of all men and women of good will (Jer 31:33), to free all hearts from the temptation of the diabolical spirit that wants to make the world apostatize from the true God, deceiving consciences with human teachings that deviate from the Thought of God, discarding the Sacredness of the Family and the Sacredness of Life as they have been given and taught to us by the Father, the Son and His Holy sons. This is the first and true “throwaway culture” (Ps 117:22), not others.

  10. In the Little Cradle of the Infant Jesus, the Son of Man has returned in Spirit and Life (Jn 4:24) to gather the scattered flock and draw it to Himself in order to lead it to the Father (Jn 10:16), so that God’s sheep may be strengthened and be rooted in the Heart of the Father, that Good and Holy Father who has placed His Tent in the New Jerusalem, and once it has been opened (Jn 15:5) it will radiate warmth and Light so as to bring everyone to understand the celestiality, the metaphysical Dwelling that already exists and will soon be manifested.

  11. In the Little Cradle of the Infant Jesus, the Son will manifest the Father’s Omnipotence: an Omnipotence of Love, yes, but also of Holy Fire, so that this arid and bewildered humanity may be purified by the Father’s Fire of Love, and everything and everyone may be reborn in the only-begotten Spirit, who in the Son is Person (1 Jn 1:1-3).

  12. Whoever wants to arrive and reach at the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus must follow the Morning Star, Mary, She who is high in the sky (Mt 2:2) and attentively awaits her sons to restore and nourish them with her milk and her honey, She who will lead many to acknowledge and appreciate the Goodness of the Heart of her Son (Mt 2:9), so that, on his example, everyone may live as true, good, upright and generous human beings, in order to be manifested as authentic Christians, animated by the same virtues and sentiments of Christ (Phil 2:5), in whose presence every knee will bend and every tongue will proclaim his praise, for this is the Father’s will (Phil 2:10-11).

  13. The new Nativity of Christ marks the time of the rebirth of the sons of God and of those animated by good will who will want to come and hurry to worship Him who saves (Is 9:5; Lk 2:11), removing from their hearts the darkness of doubt, incredulity, despondency and discouragement, dispelling the darkness and the thick fog that surrounds many hearts, peoples and nations (Is 60:2).

  14. God the Father Almighty has sent His Beloved Son again, not to succumb or make Him succumb, but rather to triumph and make the Son triumph together with His sons (Rev 17:14), to conquer a deviant and corrupted world that believes it is invincible but, like lightning, at the flash of the thunderbolt, will be blown away like chaff in the wind (Ps 1:4), while God’s sons, like flowers of wheat, holy fruits of the Father’s Love, will find shelter in His barn, to join the angels and saints of Heaven and live to foster the Fulfillment of all fulfillments, in the living communion between Heaven and Earth, the communion of Saints who go up and down the Ladder seen by the Patriarch Jacob (Gen 28:12) on which the Maiden of God continually ascends and descends together with the angels, to console Her sons who hope in Her and have consecrated their lives to Her Heart.

  15. Behold Mary, the Mother of God, the bright Morning Star, the All-Beautiful and All-Pure, who has led and will definitively lead that humanity faithful to God to live the New Dawn. Behold Mary, She who is Almighty by grace (Lk 1:49), She who will never abandon Her faithful sons, She who from Heaven leads Her Army, comprising the earthly and heavenly hosts, headed by Michael (Rev 12:7), to lead the sons of the One and Triune God to victory and triumph.

  16. Everything has now begun, and in time the effects of this action will be more and more visible: an inexorable and disruptive action that cannot be stopped by anyone because it is permitted and willed by the Almighty Father. Only those who will not want to see or hear will not see or hear the advancing of the Army of the Immaculate. The Enemy of God (Rev 12:17) will not be able to do anything against Her who has been born and lives to crush his head permanently with her Heel (Gen 3:15).

  17. With their holy example of life, with their words and deeds of Truth and Life, Mary and her sons, her lineage, will manifest that Heel that, at the Father’s command, will descend and crush, just as the Father’s Arm will descend and crush, in a simultaneous action that Mary – always in perfect and total harmony with the Father – will manifest together with the Son and her faithful sons (Rev 19:11).

  18. “Come all of you, welcome and adore the Divine Spirit (1 Jn 5:6b) who has come down to bring anew the one everlasting and eternal Word (Jn 5:24) to all peoples, to make them be as one Heart and one soul (Jer 32:39; Acts 4:32), all united in the Immaculate Heart of Mary who, now as then, exults and proclaims: «My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior» (Lk 1:46-47).”

  19. In the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus there is salvation, there is the Savior, He who was, who is, and who is coming (Lk 2:11), who has come down from Heaven to accomplish every deed that the Father suggests to His Heart, to gather now His friends, His sons, His defenders, those who await and live for the Fulfillment.

  20. This is the time when the Lion of the Tribe of Judah comes forth to conquer, comes out to win and to conquer once again (Rev 5:5). This is the time of the living fullness of the true sons of God, who with a proud countenance, a living spirit and profound holiness, are ferrying and will ferry all those who, being castaways and refugees (Rev 18:4) of a sick and dangerous Earth which is falling and sinking into the abyss (Rev 18:2), now want to land on the White Island, the Land promised as inheritance by the Father to his sons, where milk and honey flow (Deut 6:3), where no impurity, no bond of death or of sin will be able to tie and enslave the sons of God any more, because the Love that has descended from Heaven will bind them and hold them close to Himself, together with all men and women of good will, in the one Embrace of Love, from Heart to heart, from Soul to soul, and from Spirit to spirit.

  21. Jesus has returned to give Himself to all those who will come to the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) to implore the Love of a God who has come down out of infinite mercy to fully reward those sons who will come here in the certainty of having found “the” House, the Dwelling Place of God among men (Rev 21:3). This is the faith of the sons of Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem: One, Holy and Universal. We entrust ourselves to Mary and we trust in the one Master who is Life, to live in plenitude in the Spirit of Christ, who wants to renew and once again convert everyone in the New Jerusalem to the only Word, who is Life (Jn 6:63). In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

January 1st, 2023
Octave of Christmas
Solemn Feast of Mary Most Holy
Mother of God

The Pontiff