Universal Message of the Mother Church


  1. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. On this day and throughout this new civil year, may Grace, Love and Holiness be upon all God’s sons and upon all those who have joined and will join together in the Holy Name of the One and Triune God, so that Holiness may abundantly and copiously descend to regenerate all hearts, to purify and make them all be fervent witnesses of the Grace of God (Lk 1:28), of His Love and His Life. This is the Will of He who created everything.

  2. The Law of the Father Creator must be loved and respected. His Word is eternal Life. Of two, the Father made one (Gen 2:18, 23). And in that Holy Union, all must recognise themselves, in order to overcome every temptation, to fight the good fight and to preserve the true faith (2Tim 4:7) in He who can do everything, the One who saves: Christ, the only-begotten Saviour of the world, He who is the Way, the Truth and Life (Jn 14:6).

  3. The Church of Christ will be manifested to the world with the essence and substance of the only Father, of the only Lord who rules and will rule with the sceptre of fire (Rev 19:15), discarding what is putrid and bringing the essence of faith back to the centre.

  4. All sins, all enemies of the Truth, all enemies of the true faith and all those who have denied the living Action of the Holy Spirit will be spiritually nailed to the wood of the Cross (Mt 12:31-32).

  5. The time is now and it has come. The Fire of the Father, like a live Thunderbolt (Hab 3:4; Mt 28:3), cuts and will cut away every injustice, every falsehood, every deception, so that what has been mistreated by the children of God’s enemy may be purified and made manifest as a sign of the vivid belonging to the One and Triune God.

  6. The Spirit of the Father will take action to persecute every calumny; He will strike down the slanderers (Prv 18:8) and will infallibly strike down those who operate in the shadows (Ps 9) and have exposed their side to the enemy of God, the enemy of Mary.

  7. The Flame of the Father’s Heart will be protected and nurtured by all the sons who will seek shelter and support in Mary Mother Church (Sir 34:16), by all those who will invoke the Name of Mary (Lk 1:42) to be loved above all else, as God desires. In Mary, all those who yearn to be loved again and purified (Lk 1:49) will be satisfied.

  8. God’s Law commands that man and woman were created to procreate, to join together and give life (Gen 1:27-28; 5:1-2; 9:1). This is God’s edict that will be written by fire in the hearts of men of good will. This is God’s Will, and every man and woman who recognises themselves in the One and Triune God must accept His Will, lest to incur His Justice.

  9. Mary gives her Heart to her sons, so that in her name as Mother, the sons may love the Name of He who saves (Mt 1:21; Rev 14:1; 19:12-13.16; 22:4), who was granted to the world as binder of hearts, so that every son may experience the holiness and the harmony of a righteous and correct, holy and Christian family, in the name of He who conquers death.

  10. On the Holy and Solemn Day of the Divine Maternity of Mary, Mother of God (Lk 1:43) and Universal Mother (Jn 19:27), I invoke upon every Christian family and upon all those who desire to live “the” Family as God’s Law commands, the living blessing of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

1 January 2024
Eighth Day of Christmas
Solemn Feast of Mary Most Holy
Mother of God

The Pontiff