Press Release
“Appeal against the genocide of the Christians
in the world

November 30, 2020
Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle

Once again, during the last few days, many Christians have been killed, burned and raped because of their faith. Once again, this silent genocide has taken place in the almost total and general indifference. And once again, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem raises its plea to God the Father Almighty imploring mercy for all the victims and their families and invoking Justice: the Divine justice, in defence of so many Christians, too many Christians barbarously killed in so many Nations of the world; the Earthly justice, so that all Nations and all Organizations may take real steps to guarantee religious and civil freedom for everyone in every country in the world.

The Feast of the Holy Christmas is drawing near. Jesus Christ, the Love made Man (Jn 1:14), was born and lived to teach love for God and for our neighbour. No one is permitted to kill or violate the freedom of anyone else, whichever may be their religious, civil and political belief; their ethnicity or skin colour; their social rank or economic condition.

Freedom is sacred. Freedom is the inviolable gift granted by God the Father to this humanity. And the freedom of each man ends where the freedom of his neighbour begins, which must be respected and enforced. For this reason, the leaders of all nations have the civil and moral duty to make freedom respected by everyone, without being afraid to intervene to stop and punish all those who are violent. One cannot always take a strong line with those who are weak and be weak with those who are strong. It cannot be that the little ones and the minorities are persecuted with impunity and that the truth is always covered up. It’s time to take action in the appropriate manner. Only in this way, harmony between peoples can be achieved, also and above all between peoples who profess different creeds and live different cultures.