Press Release
Prayer and condolences for the Christians
killed in France

October 29, 2020

God commanded everyone “You must not kill” (Dt 5:17; Mt 5:21). No one can kill his neighbour, least of all in the name of God. No religious confession can tolerate murder in the name of God.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem expresses her condolences and her closeness in prayer to the Christian Community of the French Republic and to the families of the victims of the brutal and unjustifiable terrorist attacks carried out in these recent days as also today in the Cathedral of Nice; and at the same time strongly condemns these terrorist acts by Islamic extremists.

Christians must be united in their brotherhood in Christ Jesus and become promoters of a pact of concord among peoples based on three fundamental points:

  1. Sacredness of life (no one can kill, least of all in the name of God).

  2. Sacredness of the family (founded on the union between a man and a woman, Gn 1:27-28).

  3. Freedom and equal dignity between man and woman (and therefore the consequent abolition of all forms of slavery).