Press release of March 7, 2020



To all the faithful

To all men and women of good will


Aiming to protect the soul and body health of all her faithful, this Church invites everyone to live this time of Holy Lent with faith and holiness, having care to:

  1. have faith in God, the Almighty Father, the only Supreme Good who overcomes all evil, and to intensify, in the family, the prayer of the Holy Rosary and the prayers to Saint Michael the Archangel, the Defender of Christianity; to Saint Joseph, the Guardian of the Universal Church; and to the Most Holy Cross that has conquered the world, in living communion with the Pontiff and with all the ministers of this Church;

  2. join spiritually in the living communion of heart, soul and spirit to the Sunday liturgical celebrations at the Shrine of Divine Mercy, which will be live-transmitted on the official website of the Church:

  3. approach in private and not in groups, the “Little Cradle of Baby Jesus”, the living Tabernacle of the Father’s Love, so to facilitate the individual prayer and meditation.

Trusting in the faith, understanding and collaboration of everyone, we invite all the faithful and the men and women of good will, to remain united in prayer and fraternal union, in Christ and Mary.

The see, March 7, 2020


The Minister responsible for the Dicastery

Alessandro D’Argento