Press Release
Condemnation of the attack
against Christians in Turkey”

31 January 2024

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem extends her condolences and prayers for the Christians killed in the terrorist attack against the faithful in the church of Saint Mary in Sariyer, Istanbul, on 28 January 2024.

May God the Almighty Father receive in His infinite mercy all the victims of this attack, along with all those who are persecuted because of their Christian faith, in an ever‑increasingly number in many parts of the world, as also reported in the latest UK Open Doors’ annual ranking (cf. World Watch List 2024).

This Church condemns this act of terrorism and all forms of violence and restrictions on the exercise of all religious beliefs, which should be guaranteed by all national and international institutions in all the countries of every Continent, on behalf of the Sacred Freedom that God the Father Almi