In Mary, with Mary and for Mary

God loves the woman. Mary is. God is Mother1


  1. Mary is.
    Mary is the Mother of God2; Mary is Ever-Virgin3, Mary is the Immaculate Conception4; Mary is assumed body and soul into Heaven5. Mary is, in God, with God, for God.

  2. Mary is Daughter, Bride and Mother of God6.
    Mary is Daughter, Bride and Mother of God. In God, One and Triune, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19), Mary is Daughter, Mary is Bride and Mary is Mother.

    1. Mary is Daughter of God the Almighty Father, who has conceived Mary before all ages, enshrining Her in His pure and holy Heart so to preserve Her from any stain of sin.

    2. Mary is Bride of the Holy Spirit, who, through the union with Mary, totally full of grace (Lk 1:28) has begotten Christ the Lord, the Man-God, the only-begotten Son of God, generated by the one only Spirit, who is Holy, who is God.

    3. Mary is Mother of Christ, begotten, not made, one in substance and in essence with God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mary is Mother, Ever-Virgin and unstained by sin, since She always remained in perfect communion of heart (contained in the body), of soul and of spirit with Her Lord, One and Triune.

  3. Mary is the Universal Mother. 
    Mary is Mother of Christ and, at the behest of God, is Mother of all the sons of Christ, Who did not want to keep Her who had begotten Him only for Himself, but wanted to give Her to us all as universal Mother.
    During the living Celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice of Christ, standing at the foot of the Cross, Mary, “the” Woman, is called directly by the Son-God to manifest Her essence as “Mother” of all His cherished sons (who were represented, at that moment, by that beloved and faithful son, John, the Apostle of Love), saying to Her: “Woman, this is your son” (Jn 19:26). Thus, through John the Apostle, Jesus invites all His cherished sons to recognize Mary and live with Her as their good and tender Mother, saying: “This is your Mother!” (Jn 19:27). And from that moment onwards, following the example of that favourite Son, all the Christians faithful to Christ, all the Christians who would have over time gathered in assembly, to live in Christ and manifest themselves universally as the Church of the believers in Christ, have been called to live with Mary as Mother of the Son of God and as Mother of all the sons of God. Mary is therefore Universal Mother, Mother of all living beings (Gn 3:20; Mk 12:27a), Mother of all those who, dead to the world and dead to sin, are now alive for God in Christ the Lord (Rm 6:11), Mother of all those who have remained faithful to God and day and night never stop singing: “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God, the Almighty; who was, and is and is to come” (Rev 4:8), so as to live eternally in Christ, with Christ and for Christ.

  4. Mary is Queen of Heaven and Earth.
    Mary is Queen of Heaven and Earth. For the special grace reserved to Her by God the Almighty Father, Mary has been taken up into Heaven, body and soul. Mary ascends to Heaven to rejoin Her Son, so that She, in the Son and for the Son, may continue to live Her mission of redemption together with the King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev 17:14). God, One and Triune, crowns Mary as Queen of Heaven and Earth, so that, being crowned as Queen and clothed with the kingship of God, Mary may be, together with Her Son, at the head of all angels and saints and fulfill the mission entrusted to Her by the Father from all eternity: to crush the head of the primeval serpent, to definitively overcome evil and cast the Evil One into the underworld, for ever and ever (Rev 20:10).

  5. Mary is the Universal Coredemptrix.
    Mary is the Universal Coredemptrix:

    1. Whatever is Spirit, must be understood in the light of the Spirit. Unless one is reborn from Above (Jn 3:3) he cannot understand the action of the Holy Spirit who acts in history and who guided Mary, Her call and Her earthly and divine action.
      Having been generated by Love in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, by God the Almighty Father by means of the work of the Holy Spirit before time was time7, Mary Most Holy, the Immaculate Conception, the Immaculate Conception of the Holy Spirit, the Immaculate Conception of living Faithfulness, lives to fulfil Her call totally co participating with Christ, in Christ and for Christ for the mission of Redemption entrusted by God the Almighty Father to His Son.
      God the Almighty Father clothes Mary with His grace (Lk 1:30), by giving His dignity to Her, before the very beginning of Time. She lives in perfect holiness, fulfilling the Father’s call with a living and total will, keeping Her Immaculate Heart pure and uncorrupted, always remaining intimately united to the saving mission of the only-begotten Son, King and Lord, the only Savior and Redeemer of the World. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit can work totally in Mary, who totally surrenders Her will since the beginning to the Father’s Will, by saying: “You see before You the Lord’s handmaid. Make me be as You please”. (cf. Lk 1:38).

    2. Mary participates perfectly and totally in the Mystery of Redemption, voluntarily and perfectly adhering to the will of Heaven and offering Herself totally to the Father, in Christ, for the salvation of humanity. So it was at the moment of the Annunciation (cf. Lk 1:26-38); so it was at the moment of the Presentation in the Temple, fulfilling and welcoming with love, in prayerful silence, the prophecy of Simeon (cf. Lk 2:34-35), which announces to Her the “sword” that will pierce Her soul; and so it was throughout the course of Her life, which leads Her to climb Mount Calvary, with the Son, in the Son and for the Son, to then reach and unite herself spiritually, in perfect and total communion of heart, soul and spirit, to the immolation of Her Son in the celebration of His Mass, alive, continuous and throbbing, in which Mary totally takes part, in total union with Her Son, helping Him to fulfil His salvific and redemptive mission up to the end.

    3. From the beginning, when Mary is only in the Father’s Thought, the inseparable union of Mary with Christ, Man and God, already is in the Thought of the Father. The Father’s Thought is One, which manifests Itself and unfolds in history. As Eve is in fact fashioned from Adam (Gn 2:22) to help him, because it is not good for man to be alone (Gn 2:18), so Mary, the new Woman, is called to co participate in the salvific plan with Her Son, because the Father, now as then, thinks it is not good for the Man to be alone, but He wants Him to be inseparably united with the Woman. In His original thought, the Father calls the woman to co participate in the man’s work. The woman has not been conceived to be subdued, either to the man or to anyone, but the man and the woman are both called to be faithful and obedient to God. In the beginning, the woman is thought and fashioned from the man with equal dignity, so that man and woman can help each other in fulfilling the call that the Father gives them. It is through the disobedience and infidelity of the woman (towards man and towards God) and through the disobedience and weakness of man (both caused by the evil action of the Enemy of God) that the initial conditions change. But in the original Thought of the Father, man and woman are called to cooperate together (Gn 2:18-24).

    4. In the Father’s Thought, Christ is united with Mary and Mary is united with Christ. United to one another by the same Spirit, who is Holy, to accomplish the salvific mission which began publicly in Cana of Galilee (Jn 2:1-11) and was totally made manifest on Golgotha, at the foot of the Cross (Jn 19:25-27), where Christ the Lord, the true immolated Lamb (Rev 5:6a), entrusted His sons to Her whom Jesus reveals to be “Mother”, the good and tender Mother, humble and faithful, pure and holy, “the” Universal Mother, who will never abandon, in Heaven as on Earth, all the sons entrusted to Her, those sons who, by listening and wanting to put into practice the words of the Master – “This is your Mother!” – entrust themselves and will entrust themselves to Mary, to be saved.

    5. The salvific and redemptive mission of Christ and Mary advances in history. The words of the Protoevangelium (Gn 3:15) are being completely fulfilled. Mary is called on to bruise the head of the serpent which, for its part, will wage war on Mary and Her sons, wanting to strike Mary’s immaculate heel. The battle is continuous between Mary and Her sons on one side and the Evil One and his minions on the other. Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, at the head of Her heavenly army, is destined to win, as it is written in the Protoevangelium and in the Book of Revelation. It is Mary who, in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, will lead God’s sons to victory. This is the mission that has been entrusted in particular and directly to Mary, She who, by means of Her humility, purity and obedience, will redeem the disobedience, the concupiscence and the haughtiness of Eve, crushing the head of the serpent with Her heel.

    6. In these last times, Mary is particularly united with Christ in His redemptive mystery. Mary, clothed in Christ’s Light, is represented as a Queen crowned with the twelve Stars (Rev 12:1), ready, albeit in suffering (Rev 12:2), to spiritually generate Her Son in the hearts of the sons, so that Christ may be welcomed in the heart of everyone and eternally lived as King of kings and Lord of lords (Rev 19:16). Mary, in these last times, on the basis of what has been announced in the Protoevangelium of Genesis 3:15, is directly involved in the Mystery of Redemption, to defend Christ and God’s sons from the action of the enemy of God, symbolized by the red dragon (Rev 12:3), who makes war on Mary and Her sons (Rev 12:17), at the hands of two “beasts”: the first, to whom the dragon confers its power; the second, who apparently looks like a lamb because of his outward “aspect”, but which, in reality, speaks like a dragon (Rev 13:11). The new Woman, Mary, in union with the Lamb, fights and wins the good battle against evil, in order to renew Her marriage with the Lamb, who unites with the new Woman, Mary, the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. The angel of God invites everyone to take part in the wedding banquet, to celebrate the eternal victory, in Christ and Mary. “The Spirit and the Bride say: «Come!» Let everyone who listens answer: «Come!» Then let all who are thirsty come: let all who desire it have the water of life, and have it freely” (Rev 22:17).

    7. After being assumed into Heaven, Mary has remained united to Her Son and Lord, in the total bond that joins the Mother to the Son, so to redeem all the sons that Her Son has entrusted, entrusts and will entrust to Her. Christ, the Man God, has overcome and overcomes the world. Mary too has overcome and overcomes the world, to redeem humankind, together with Her Son. This is the Father’s will, that the sons of God are called to respect and to accept, “with” faith and not only “by” faith, because they want to believe totally in the work of the Father and accept it, with docility, in its entirety. Thanks to Mary, humanity is raised up to the dignity of the Son. The Son comes down, lowers Himself, and becomes man (Phil 2: 6-11) so as to raise humanity and bring it to heaven through Mary. Mary is the Coredemptrix, She who saves, with the Son, through the Son and in the Son, in the inseparable union of their hearts (one Most Sacred and the other Immaculate), of their souls and Spirit (that unique Spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son, and who fills Mary, full of grace, the Tabernacle of the Living God and Source of eternal Life). As John Paul II said8, Mary is “Coredemptrix of humanity”.
      Co-redemption therefore means “redemption-with”. The Coredemptrix is therefore She who has been called to “redeem-with”. Mary is therefore She who redeems with the Son, through the Son and in the Son, Christ; She is Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces. This is what was pleasing to the Father, who chose Mary among all women, filling Her with His grace, making Her Coredemptrix, with the Son, for the Son and of the Son. As Coredemptrix She possesses in Herself the power to save, just as the Son9.


As Pontiff of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem
I hereby declare it to be a dogma of faith that:

Immaculate of the Holy Spirit and Ever-Virgin,
Mother of God and Universal Mother,
Assumed into Heaven and Queen of Heaven and Earth

December 22, 2019

The Pontiff



The Feast of Mary Coredemptrix will be celebrated on August 15, on the Solemn Feast dedicated to the Assumption into Heaven, in body and soul, of Mary Most Holy, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Universal Coredemptrix.


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[6] The Spirit is life (Jn 6:63). The Spirit in Mary, Daughter, is grace. The Spirit in Mary, Bride, is joy. The Spirit in Mary, Mother, is Salvation.
[7] Mary, Immaculately Conceived, is present from the beginning in the thought of God the Father, He who is Love, and who generates Mary in pure and holy Love. Mary is since ever known by God and predestined to be molded according to the pattern of Christ (Rm 8:29). Mary is therefore, together with Christ, the first fruit of salvation through the Work of the Holy Spirit (2 Thess 2:13), and the first fruit of all His creation (Jas 1:18). Mary, in Her loving essence, is therefore generated in the pure and sublime Love of God, which in turn generates the Love which becomes person in Christ.
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[9] The Ever Virgin Bosom which guarded the Word of God (Jn 1:14) is pure; therefore, through the total grace and authority that God the Almighty Father has granted Her, Mary possesses in Herself the power to save. Mary is in fact the One who is “full of grace” (Lk 1:28.30) and is called personally (“Ipsa conteret caput tuum“, Gen 3:15) to crush underfoot the head of the primeval serpent.
Mary is therefore the narrow Gate (Mt 7:14) for humanity but, at the same time, Mary is the wide Gate for holiness, to live authentic Christianity. Mary is the Gate of Heaven. Therefore whoever prostrates himself before the Immaculate Heart of Mary attains salvation, the living, pure and holy Love