Prayer of Consecration to
the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
to be recited during the month of June

In the spiritual communion of hearts, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem invites Her faithful and all people of goodwill to recite, during the month of June, the following prayers in honour of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, so that all those who want, with Mary, to merge themselves in the Body of Christ, join the Body of Christ, rejoice in the Body of Christ, may partake in Christ’s Love so to win in His Name.


To the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

(revelation to Maria G. Norcia on 2 October 1983)

Heart of Jesus, our only hope!
Heart of Mary, our only refuge!
O Jesus, I love You with the heart of Mary, Your Mother;
I adore You with the profound adorations of Your beloved Mother;
I console You with the Heart of Mary.
So I beg You, by the Father’s Power, save me!
By Your Knowledge, purify me!
And by the love of the Holy Spirit, make my heart always burn with Divine Love!

(three Glory be)