Prayer in defense of the sanctity of the life

In the spiritual communion of hearts, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem invites all the Christians and all the people of good will to still be gathered for praying in defence of the sacred gift of the life, especially that of all the innocents, that in the Mystery of the Infant Jesus it will be always loved, preserved and respected.


HOLY ROSARY: Sorrowful Mysteries (May 15th, 2018)


To the Infant Jesus

O Infant Jesus, our love, our salvation, our hope!
You came down from Heaven to Earth to come and suffer for us.
You have suffered so much and still are suffering for us!
You who have wanted us to know Your immense Love and do not abandon those who turn to Your Love, have mercy on all poor sinners.
Lead them all to Your Truth, lead them to feel sorrow for their sins, to feel Your infinite Love and thus come quickly to conversion.
Fill them with Your Spirit.
I know, O Jesus, You have revealed it to me, that You suffer infinitely seeing them far from You, even though they have been redeemed by Your most Precious Blood.
But You, O Jesus, You are Goodness itself, You are merciful Love.
For You everything is possible.
Do not look at  their sins, cancel out their faults, have mercy on them, O Lord, do not abandon them into the hands of the Evil One, teach them the true way, lead them to the right path to Heaven.
You are the Way, the Truth, the Life, the Light for all.
O Jesus Fount of Life, O Jesus Fount of Love, O Jesus pierced by our sins.
You are my God.
You know I love You.
You are in my sorrows.
You are in my pains.
You are in my joys: You are always with me, O Lord.
Hear my prayers, dry the tears I have shed. 
Grant me your forgiveness.
I believe in You, I adore, I hope and I love You: You know this, O my Jesus.
I wish to make many acts of faith, of love, of penance and reparation for all those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You.
Take care of all of us, O my good Jesus.

Our FatherHail MaryGlory Be...

Jesus, our Faith!
our Hope!
our Love!

Jesus, our Only Faith!
our Only Hope!
our Great Love!

«I love You, Jesus, I love You so much,
I rely on You, do not leave me alone.
Do with me as you please:
Your Will be done»