Novena for the nativity
of Maria G. Norcia

On the celebration day of the nativity of Maria G. Norcia, She who has embodied the virtues of Mary, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem invites all Her faithful and all the men and women of goodwill to join in the spiritual communion of hearts in the recitation of the following prayer:

(prayer revealed by Jesus to Maria G.Norcia)

We thank You, Mary

We thank You, Mary,
for having given us Your Son Jesus.
We praise You, Mary, for having accepted us as Your children.
We bless You, Mary,
for all the Love You have for us.
And at Your feet we plead You forgiveness
for all the sins of the world.
At Your feet we pray that every war and injustice may cease.
At Your feet we raise high our voices:
« Mary, send Your Jesus to reign with You among us».

(Hail Mary)


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