Prayer to thank God the Almighty Father

We children of Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, to You Father we bow and prostrate, to thank You, to adore You and to love You.

Holy Father, we entrust to You this Holy Mother Church, Church of Christ, only Way, only certainty, only Salvation, so that the Good News, renewed in Christ and Mary, may arrive to the heart of every child of goodwill.

For the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our good and tender Mother, we beg You, Father: open Your Merciful Heart and welcome every child that is seeking for the Truth, that is seeking for the true Life and wants to persevere on the only Way that leads to Your Heart. Christ only Way, Christ only Truth, Christ eternal Life.

Father, annihilate Your enemies, give us the final perseverance and do of us as You please, so that we may be true witnesses of the holy fruits of this live Tree, that gives Life and wins death.

Father, Your Will be done, to win and triumph, so that Your glory may be visible, now and forever. So be it.