At the Most Holy Cross

prayer revealed to Maria G. Norcia on 8th April 1990


Keep present that cross that enlightens the world, the only light of death and resurrection; there is sorrow and joy.
Let us pray together and say:
O Merciful Jesus, we pray You that Your sacrifice, made for us, remains always in our heart.
The sacrifice You wanted with Your crucifixion be an unforgettable example for us.
Praise be to You, O Lord, infinite goodness, You who have suffered such an agony for our salvation; grant us Your forgiveness and always more faith, more love for You, and for our neighbours.
May Your name and Your presence live always in us and in the whole world.
Enlighten those who still work in the darkness and are seeking for Your love.
Enlighten where disagreement has brought to separation from love; grant Your light to shine upon them.
Give Your joy to those who have not yet Known it.
We pray You Jesus.
May that day of Your return, the New Kingdom, be full of Your children.

Let us say for three times:

Lord, grant us Your divine mercy.







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