Supplication to Our Lady

«O celestial Mother, O candid star of Heaven, joy of our hearts,
You that have made me known how vain is what is worldly,
how great is what is divine,
how sure is what is eternal,
how sad hell is,
take far from sinners mind the darkness of error and evil.O most sweet Mother,
You who made me known the greatness of Your love, the value of Your Holy Rosary, who humbly showed me the way of prayer for sinners, make it so that our hearts are filled with divine grace, and shine with heavenly wisdom.
Grant the grace of mercy, so that we may obtain pardon for our sins.
You who can all, O good Mother,
ask Jesus for the conversion of all poor sinners:
«They are, as already reminded by others to You, our brothers and Your children, and are cause of blood sheading to Your dear Jesus… »
We are so weak, O dear Mother, and the devil interferes with so much pride, but with Your Rosary we feel sure to win him.
He knows You, O Mother, and fears Your glance.
Save us, Hail Mary…
We are here at Your feet, do not despise our pleas, O Virgin, O Mother, O Immaculate of the Holy Spirit.
We confide in You, look upon our sorrows with Your merciful eyes.
We believe in You, «clothed with sun and crowned with stars»,
Queen of the Angels and of the Saints.
You are our trust, our hope, our joy!
Do not abandon us.
Come to our aid.
You are our Mother.
We know that You look upon us with tenderness.
We rely on You. We consecrate ourselves to You, in our heart, our will and for ever.
Guide our way, cover us with Your motherly mantle… take us by the hand.
You are our guide, our help, our refuge, our strength, our hope, our comfort in sorrowful moments.
The Holy Rosary, gift of Your love, will be held so tightly in our hands, O Mother, in moments of trial and of sorrow. In tears we will cry to You, O Mother dear,
O Immaculate, O Comforter of the afflicted:
«Pray for us Your son Jesus».
Do not leave us until You see us safe with You in Heaven.
You are so beautiful, O Mary, You have words of life.
Open Your arms full of goodness and graces, lighten our sorrows, do not let us wait longer.
You are our Mother, take us to Jesus».

(Hail, Holy Queen)






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