Press release

November 7th, 2017

In the light of the requests received by the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem concerning the granting of authorisations to carry out audio and video reportages in the area of the “Little Cradle of Baby Jesus”, inside the “Shrine of the Divine Mercy” and in the various territorial realities of the Church

it is hereby stated that

such authorizations will be granted in writing by the Church, respecting the right to privacy of the faithful and the right of the users to receive correct and objective information on the spirituality and activities of the Church, so to allow everyone, in freedom and in simplicity, to mature their thoughts about the real knowledge of the Christian principles and of the doctrine that animate the life of the Church.

Therefore, the doors will be open to those who, with loyalty and impartiality, will want to make known the doctrine and the activities of the Church, so to allow the carrying out of their work in the spirit of service that distinguishes journalism.

To all those who, instead, have already shown a false and prejudicial behaviour, who carry out their journalistic activity with dishonesty, who are “manoeuvred” by those who have sold off the Christian primogeniture, who manipulate any information for the sole purpose of discrediting the Church and Her work, who make every effort to denigrate Christ and Christianity, the doors will remain closed and no authorization will be granted.