Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
April 15th, 1990

Jesus, Our Lady and Saint John

Jesus, Our Lady and St. John have come.

Jesus says:
All good Christians follow My example, according to the writings of my Disciples, keeping every memory of what happened many years ago.
Many more years have passed since then.
Waiting all this time has availed so little. All my efforts and those of my Mother have been almost in vain.
It is encouraging that after so much time, a good part of people are still celebrating this day.
Yes, you must celebrate My resurrection.
Do not weep with us.
There are still many today, many sons who believe in Me. My Mother and I are pleased with this.
When the day prepared by Me arrives, everything will be easier and more beautiful for you. Everything will be fragrant. There will be no more contagions of evil.
This is the award that I have reserved for you who are waiting for me, calling on me every day.
It is a promise, and I always keep my promises.
On your part, do not get infected by those who still would want to make you change your path.
The time is over for those who have so cruelly ignored My name and that of My Mother.
Those whom I chose at that time are to repent, because afterwards there will be no more room.
Dear sons, this is the new Kingdom I want to create. Yes, everything will be renewed and evil will be engulfed.
Therefore, they should have no illusion, for all material possessions obtained by deceit and wickedness will be sunk with them.
This is the price they will have to pay unless they decide to follow Me.
Another price is reserved for those who have judged my sons with unprecedented unlawfulness, with the falsest idiocies and with such great deception, taking My place in the task that belonged  and still belongs only to Me.  
How have they dared to ignore Me to this extent? How have the creatures placed by Me on this Earth dared; how have they dared to insult Me with so much iniquity. They don’t remember anything; they haven’t remembered or pretend to not remember how much I gave them. They haven’t remembered how much My Mother suffered.
They have been given, like everyone else, the freedom of choice.
But their choice has been that of evil.
What is most unforgivable, rest assured, is that they, although cultured, have made their power into a truly murderous weapon against my humble and defenceless sons.
For this reason, they will pay the same price as those I have mentioned before.
My Mother even today begs Me to obtain forgiveness for them, but the time is short and the remaining years are very few because the year zero is near.
Those who still have a shred of charity and good will are yet to come. If they do not want to lose that little amount of goodwill they still have, they are to come, to return to us. We will be happy to welcome and forgive them.
If they wish, they are to come while there is still time. When the doors and gates are closed, no one will hear their cries any longer.
As I journey along the path of my Plan, the light will remove all that is dirty. The road I  have to travel must first be cleaned up, because it is the road where my sons await me with joy.
To all of you who listen to me, I want to reassure you that nothing can harm you from this day forward.
Many disciples, scattered throughout the world, have been chosen by Me. But they too have been weak. They have let themselves be deceived. Deception is what has always betrayed my sons. Many of my disciples have denied Me, doing so much evil to Me. My Mother feels so much sorrow over this, to the point that I have already prepared everything for My new coming.
She rejoices over this; She is peaceful, She wants to reserve this great joy for Me, without begging Me to postpone the times. She has the certainty and the full persuasion that there is no further time to give or to lose.
My Mother begs Me to embrace you all.
I give you my Blessing. Extend it to all your loved ones if they are at peace with Me. Extend it to all those who, by their good will, have followed Me and listened to you.

Saint John says:
I am in the company of the Master. I did it, and I also wrote it. I followed every step of My Master. Even when He told me to go away, I followed Him, and I said to Him: Where you are, I am there too. Your way is my way. Allow it, my Master.
Now I am here for a new testimony. Everything will be made new, according to the will of my Master.