Revelation of Mary Most Holy to Maria G. Norcia
15th August 1988

Love! Hope! Persevere!

Our Lady says:

My sons, I come to you to confirm you in hope.

The world lives without this vital virtue because it is all focused on the joys of the moment, but the true sons of God know that their joys are all placed in the future.

Consider the cry of joy with which I burst out in the words of the Magnificat: my joy was so great for having been chosen to be the Mother of Jesus, but it was even greater because I could see the fulfilment of all the Promises of the Lord, when the proud would be punished, the powerful would no longer act arrogantly, , the hungry would no longer be hungry and the humble would no longer be humiliated.

Rejoice then because, behold, the time when the Lord will fulfill His Promises draws near.

Keep Peace both inwardly and outwardly and practice charity in every form. Thus your reward will be great, when together with all the generations of the world, you will proclaim your Heavenly Mother as Queen of the Universe together with my Son Jesus, who will work all things for your eternal happiness.

Love! Hope! Persevere!

And your name will be written in the great book of life forever, when the last enemy to be overcome will be death.

Mary Assumed into Heaven, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, blesses you and covers you with Her mantle.


[Revelation spread on the 41st anniversary of the first apparition of the Child Jesus to Maria G. Norcia]