Revelation of God the Almighty Father to Maria G. Norcia
June 28th, 1983

Mary the Immaculate dwells in Us


The Eternal Father, with outstretched arms (wearing a purple mantle), says:

“Great care is needed in your task, which is well defined. I will keep you warned.

Point out to men the right journey and the New Era that is being realized in this place.

My POWER is divided within US THREE DIVINE PERSONS. The movement WE make is equal and consistent throughout.

When there is disposition in a soul, WE come to it, take it all in, for the body is the Living Temple of the HOLY SPIRIT.

The Infinite MERCY is fully outpoured upon the suffering humanity.

I do not wish to punish man, but he himself has created his own death, thus destroying the Divine Values.

Therefore, if there is no true disposition in a soul, WE cannot take part in it.

To you present here, let My Love of FATHER be reserved and poured into all hearts! Although they offend Me, they are all My children, for I created all things out of Love.

My Only Begotten SON wants the salvation of all to be realized in these last times. Therefore, His BLOOD is not in vain before My Throne. My LOVE is poured out upon My Beloved SON, for in HIM I am well pleased.

You see, the IMMACULATE, the Pure and without blemish, dwells in US: In HER, the DIVINE MYSTERY is unfathomable and inaccessible. Therefore, the TRINITARY MYSTERY is poured out upon HER: POWER, KNOWLEDGE and DIVINE LOVE. Since, simply being a creature, she participated in this MYSTERY OF REDEMPTION, therefore, par excellence, SHE is the Exalted One, in whom the entire DIVINITY dwells, for She is the MOTHER of the Only-Begotten SON and Sovereign QUEEN of humanity.

Now, in these last times, the IMMACULATE, SHE too, wants Her Son JESUS to be alive and loved in all hearts. It is SHE who will prepare the events of these last times. Therefore, daughter, it is the KINGDOM of MARY and the KINGDOM of JESUS. MARY is the Leader of the Heavenly ARMIES and of those who follow her here on earth.

The MYSTERY is Divine and human; but I want the entire Divine MYSTERY to reside in your humanity. Everything is subject to ME: in Heaven, on earth and in every place!

I am a FATHER of MERCY and Infinite JUSTICE.

Do not be afraid! I lay My HANDS upon you, in protection.

Make this MYSTERY, which has been revealed to you, be loved and realized!

Woe to those who offend Me; who offend ME or these Divine Things!

WE: I THE FATHER, I THE SON and I THE HOLY SPIRIT closely unite you to US”.