Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
March 19, 1998

Saint Joseph

I see Jesus; beside Him is Saint Joseph. He is holding a white lily.

Jesus says:

“I wanted my earthly Father to come with me to this blessed home to offer you, beloved daughter, My best wishes, with the same love that I addressed my Father Joseph. Today my heart is full of joy because the church celebrates his name, the name of He who, together with Mary, took care of that Child born for the love of God to redeem the sins of the world.

Now I want to talk to you about Joseph’s love, I want to make everyone feel the love of this humble son of God. My childhood memories are linked to the love of the spouse of Mary my Mother, He who always remained as a divine example of the Father’s love for the Son of God.

He always took loving care of Me and my Mother. It was He who saved the Child Jesus by going to Egypt. It was He who kept in His heart all the sufferings of a Father for His Child. It was He who anxiously sought Me out during my dispute with the priests of the Temple.

Joseph was my model of life until the day the Father called him to Himself, to make him share in the glory of Heaven, and He wanted him at His right handbecause of the love he had for Me during his life, which consisted only of work and sacrifice.

And the invitation that today I address to my sons from this Blessed Land is that they all be like my Father Joseph.

Today I see many families destroyed by selfishness, by vanity, by the search for worldly pleasures. I wonder why my sons are no longer inspired by the love of that Holy Family, by its knowing how to remain united to restore hope, the certainty of the redemption of all the sins that I have taken upon Myself, taking them to the Cross, and that I left nailed there so they would no longer cause so much damage to the whole of mankind.

Butmen’s too little faith in my Love, the disaffection with my sacrifice, the ignorance of God’s love, the search for useless religions that certainly are not the fruit of my Father’s love, have brought men to slavery again making them servants of sin.

I love you my sons; I want to see an infinite multitude waiting for my return.

What need would there be otherwise for all the sacrifices to which I have subjected my dearest sons? What need would there be for the love that the Father dispenses every hour on this island, the fruit of his love? What would be the need for my City that is already prepared, beautiful beyond your every imagination? What need would there be without the sons who will live there soon, the day when a mighty voice will order the gates to be opened and a human river will enter it, will enter the Father’s heart, will enter this my Cradle that you my daughter, together with your Mother, guard and make grow with so much love.

My daughter, invite my sons to intensify meditation and prayer even more, not so much to hasten the times now so near but rather to allow many more sons still living in darkness to find the light. My daughter, I want my sons to live every day as a day of joy, because it is made of communion with my Father and love for my Mother.

This, today, I leave to your hearts. This is also what my Father Joseph would want to say to you but his humility and the love he has for Me does not allow him to speak, because everything he felt in his heart has been already expressed. But he leaves you his love, he leaves you the purity of this white flower fresh as the early morning dew.

I, Jesus, Bless you and hold you tightly to my heart, and to you, my daughter, I also leave the love of my Mother who assists you and is close to you, to give you love and comfort for all the bitterness that comes to you from those whom you would like to see more worthy of my love.”