Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
April 13, 1995

The Ascent to Heaven

Jesus says:

I am here with you on the day before my death on the cross.

I am here to tell you about all the love I gave that day to the whole world, to tell you about all the love I add to the love that the Father gives every day to all His sons who come here with love and in prayer.

I want everyone to know that the forgiveness I granted to the thief crucified beside Me was forgiveness for all sinners who invoke my Name.

Then, as man, I had my last experience, death.

But how ? Was God unable to win?

And then came my Resurrection.

I, the Son of God,  once I had risen, still remained with my Apostles to give them the absolute certainty of the God who conquers death, the God who will defeat death for all His sons.

Then came my Ascension into Heaven, and as I got closer and closer to my Father, I watched the Earth moving away, and in an instant I saw all its future history.

I saw my sons, persecuted and killed; I saw my sons begging the Father for mercy; I saw a corner, in a land far from the place where I lived; I saw a little girl playing in a meadow; I saw Myself as an Infant and then a Cradle; I saw two daughters dear to my heart and then a crowd, a people, come to pray at the foot of a Cradle that  no longer resembled the manger in which I was laid when I was born.

I saw everything while I was ascending to Heaven; the entire Father’s plan for this Holy place where every day I leave so much love, where Mary my Mother is present each day to collect the prayers of Her sons; where I, like you, my daughter, listen to all the pains, the sufferings, the anxieties of so many of my sons.

I wish to put an end to so much suffering. I need everyone’s help; I need everyone’s prayers to bring many more sons to the Father’s heart.

I, the Son of God, the One who shed all His blood for the sake of His sons, I still implore and beg the Father to soften the hardest hearts.

I ask you all: cry out with vigour: “The Lord Jesus awaits you! Go to meet His Heart! Mary the Mother of God and Mother of all, still weeps. Wipe Her tears! Dry them! Console Her heart!” Allow Me to hold tightly to My heart all those who live without knowing my love.

You who draw love in this Holy place, distribute it, hand it out all around you. I fill your hands with love. You fill your brothers’ hearts with love so that they may come to my heart.

On this Easter in which My Resurrection is celebrated, make respect and love for my Father’s commands rise again in each of you.

Make love for all your brothers rise again in your hearts. Make me see a smile on the face of those who have never known the wonders of the Lord. Lead your brothers by the hand to the foot of my Cradle. Tell them that I am waiting for them here. Tell them that I will return here.

I will establish my Dwelling Place here, and I will welcome the sons who have known how to give their heart to my love.

In these days of passion and love, I leave this certainty to you my sons.

Trust in the love of your Lord.

Wait with serenity for the day when the Father will grant you all to see His Son and live together with Him, in whom He is well pleased. Wait for this great fFeast Day that will see the Earth being renewed to welcome the Son of God in glory.

You will see this Cradle become the cornerstone of my city, and everyone, all my sons, will sing on that day, together with the Angels of Heaven, the praises of the Father and the wonders performed by His beloved Son.

Raise hymns of praise to the Father so that my Kingdom will soon be realized on this Earth blessed by God.

I, Jesus, bless all my sons.

I, Jesus, leave you all my love.I go now to my Cradle; I go to rest so as to be ready to face my Passion tomorrow, but you, raise your hymns to the Father for my Resurrection.

Pray that soon I may return among you to share the bread and the wine with you as I used to do with my Apostles.

You, too, bless all the sons who come here, as now I bless you.