Revelation of Mary Most Holy to Maria G. Norcia
December 25, 1988

The Divine Family and the Golden Ladder

In the little Chapel, I see Saint Joseph.
He’s such a very beautiful character. His figure gives a great sense of confidence and security. He has a very intense gaze, as if attentive in everything wanting to give honour to the Lord, ready and willing as if waiting to receive orders from someone. I’m impressed by the attention, the delicacy, the availability of his attitude. So much light surrounds him.
With his gaze, he makes me to notice a large staircase of light, very bright, from which descends the Madonna with the Child in Her arms. How beautiful she is!
She’s accompanied by many Angels and Saints with the sound of trumpets. Once down, She sits on the Throne, places the Child on Her knees and they all prostrate at Her feet to honour Her.
I also see many souls, like figures of light, ascending and descending.

Our Lady says:
«The golden staircase is the passage between Heaven and Jerusalem, where all the true sons of God ascend.
Souls who are incapable of doing good to God and to their neighbour have no access to it.
Imitate the Divine Family and do not fear those who deny it because the victory, even if for few, belongs to the people of God, as you already know.
The immense pain I feel, in union with My Son, is to see so many souls being lost through their own fault. My poor sons!
Tear away the bad feelings and the bad habits from your hearts, if you want to defeat evil: there is little time left, my sons».

At this moment I feel a very strong frost.

Our Lady says:
«Behold, my daughter, this frost is the frost of souls, it is the indifference that nullifies every act of the plan of salvation that God has implemented on earth since the birth of His Firstborn.
These are the souls insensitive to any action of grace; blind souls who, considering themselves innocent, reject the salvation that continues to be offered to all humanity; souls who, being not able to appreciate the gifts, are thus unable to make them bear fruit.
Attracted by the blinding glare of what is destined to perish, they don’t know how to taste and use the good they have inherited through the Redemption».

Now I see Our Lady holding Her tears back; She allows me to feel Her pain, a pain that tears the heart apart. She says:

«My daughter, what else can be done that has not already been done to direct souls towards the true values of the spirit, which imply effort, sacrifice, renunciation, but also love, joy and stable peace?
These souls cannot claim to be part of the Kingdom as they would like, because they are souls unable to do good and to be upright and therefore to enjoy an anticipation of the joy that belongs to them.
Although being my sons, even if depraved, I’ve never stopped knocking on those hardened hearts, to give them the true rest of the soul.
But in this moment of darkness, all the satanic forces are lined up in the most formidable attack on the poor lost souls, that are more and more angry because they cannot find the right way.
My daughter, as always I trust in your full and unconditional help, to deploy crowds of souls ready to fight back with generosity and full availability.
I know, it’s not easy to work in this confusion. Have courage!
The figure I sent you today, Saint Joseph, the Custodian of the Divine Family, will be of particular help to you this year.
Invoke him often and in all circumstances. He will know how to protect and defend you with the great power conferred on him by God the Father, for the particular role He assigned him on earth».

Our Lady holds the world in Her hand and raising Her hand She makes the sign of the cross.

Then She says:
«I bless you with all the outpouring of My Love, Mary Most Holy, your hope».

All the Angels and Saints raise the Throne and ascend again on the same luminous staircase; the doors of Heaven open and I see a luminous writing swirling around
It reads

A voice says:
This word will be readable to everyone when peace will be established over all the earth!