Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
March 9th, 1997

The Dwelling Place
established by Jesus

Jesus says:

I come to you to speak, as always, of my Father’s Kingdom, for still most of humanity has not understood, nor wanted to listen to the message of love sent by my Father to his sons throughout the centuries.

He gathered a people to pass down to future generations the greatness of the Creator of the entire universe.

He spoke to his people through the prophets, guiding them, warning them, and helping them, but their prevarications were always the cause of disagreement between the Father, in seeing his love nullified, and his people.

Therefore, to fully realize the plan of love of my Father, the Word became flesh and came to dwell among his people, as John wrote in his Gospel.

So, it was no longer the prophets who spoke, but the Son of God Himself who became Man in order to redeem humankind and bring the Word of the Father also to those who were called Gentiles or pagans.

I, the Son of God, for the glory of the Father and out of love for his sons, shed all my blood, making this earth purified and redeemed, so that my teaching could reach the whole world.

The Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles, guided and protected by the love of Mary, so that they could bring the Word of the Savior to the whole world, until my message reached the furthest corners of the earth, so that every man of good will could know and understand the greatness of his God.

Over the centuries, many received and spread this message.

At the beginning it was the Apostles, but he who was most able to explain and spread my Word was Paul of Tarsus, once a persecutor of my faith but then my faithful Apostle to the point of giving his life to defend and honor his God.

In order for my message to reach all people of the earth throughout the ages, I have chosen men and women because of their open and avowed readiness to receive my love, enabling them to better know the secrets of my heart, and I have set them as beacons so that their light might lead more and more sons to me, thus drawing them away from the deceptions and flatteries of the prince of darkness.

Great is the plan of the Father’s love, conceived since the very beginning, and great will be the realization of this plan, which has now almost reached its complete conclusion.

Therefore, my Father places on earth a beacon greater than all others, entrusting it completely to my Love and to the heart of My Mother, having found availability to His will in two creatures who have allowed this to happen and whom I call my beloved daughters.

And here, directly from the heart of the Father, is the birth of the island of my love, the white island, the column of light that for years now enlightens the hearts of many of my sons, the castle of souls that forms the basis of the holy city, the heavenly city that the Apostle John saw descending from Heaven, beautiful as a Bride, so that I, the Heavenly Bridegroom, may welcome Her to reign therein with many of my sons, with those who have heard and let grow in their hearts the Word that I have spread and will still continue to spread through my beloved daughter, as the last and definitive announcement that, directly connected to the Word of the Father through the first prophets, closes an epoch.

Just as, with the help of Moses, I took My people by the hand, leading them to the Promised Land, so today, with the help of my daughter, I am leading My people, taking them by the hand to the new Promised Land: new because I will make all things new; because the earth will be made new to welcome the Son of God and all those who have been able, by their love, to regain for themselves and for their brothers their dignity as sons of God.

My daughter, this will be the fulfilment of peace, it will be the kingdom of the Holy Spirit, the triumph of the love of the Son of God.

It will be the triumph of the love of Mary, the just recognition for those who have had faith in my promises, and they will all find here, in this blessed land, their dwelling place beside my heart.

And then, everyone will be able to sing joyfully, “Glory be to the Father, praise be to Mary” and everyone will be able to enjoy all the beauties that the Father had created before anything else, so that man, in harmony with nature, can make full use of them.

Soon this plan of the Father will find its final fulfilment in the glory and love of this land, chosen by the Father and designated by Me as My dwelling place.

With this certainty, I bless you and I embrace you.