Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
June 30th, 1985

The Eternal Privileged Altar
for the Hypostatic Union

My daughter,

The protomartyrs have been the most unknown martyrs, those who consummated their martyrdom en masse.

Taken one by one, their names are unknown on earth. Yet they were the most fruitful for the spreading of Christianity, for nothing and no one ever separated them from Me.

Through their sacrifice they gave fulfilment to My Death and Resurrection, to My Passover, in the most heroic and the most perfect manner.

They have thus become: the “Eternal Privileged Altar.”

Their blood united with Mine made their garments white and has been poured out for the Redemption of many. Follow their example.

You have not yet reached the point of the outpouring of your own blood, and yet you are already weary and intolerant of suffering.

Remember that wood must be dry in order to properly burn and give light and warmth, to actualize my plans for each one of you.

Martyrdom is a sign of great and lasting Hope that will embolden you to give your life for your friends: the miserable ones, those who seek Me but do not find Me, because their eyes are blindfolded and they do not realize it. And the more they seek Me, the more they do not find Me; and the more they do not find Me, the more they despair. They must hit rock bottom, thus losing all human respect, in order to become aware of Me.

I work by means of you: you are the Temple and Family of God.

The Privileged Eternal Altar is ready for the perfect union of your humanity with My Divinity. But the Eucharistic Bread, placed on the golden table in the Tabernacle, seems to be reserved only for a few people and certainly not for those who are the best. And what about the others? The desperate, the marginalized, the wretched, the lepers of the Spirit? What detains them from participating in this encounter? The Law! Which Law? Certainly not the Law of Mercy, before the state of necessity.

Thus, these “dirty” martyrs would languish without knowing Me, if I didnot intervene with extraordinary means.

There is something greater than the Law: My Work and My Person.

Thus, the stray sheep, misled by the blind guides, who do not see and do not want others to see, are drawn directly to Me, to this Holy Place, from where, in this little Cradle, I claim, for Myself and for My Mission, a divine authority that goes beyond the narrow limits of the Law and, as God and as Legislator, I declare that I am Master, also of the feast and I can dispense from the sabbath rest.

My Charity is greater than all other virtues, and  I make feast do all that Charity requires.

Why, then, so much resentment against My Signs? The story of My Passion repeats itself, and once again I am judged and banished, only because I work for human Redemption and for the accomplishment of the New Kingdom of Peace.

Ah, the sin against the Holy Spirit, which is the denial of the known Truth, still persists because of the obstinate will and the lack of all  disposition towards Forgiveness.

I am ready to welcome all sinners who repent; but the Pharisees do not want to repent, they despise the penitent and, therefore, do not put themselves in the condition of being forgiven.

Sin against My Signs may be forgiven, but not sin against the effects of the Signs in souls.  Denying the reality and the origin of My wonders, of My Works, is to deny Me.

And on the third day they will be dismayed, terrified, when, from this Cradle, I will give the Sign of My Divinity, which will be Resurrection for few and condemnation for many.

To those who presume to have accepted My Word, I shall show by deeds that their perversion is great and that it is dangerous to trample upon God’s graces.

No alleged kinship with Me ought to dispense man from the duty of Charity.

This is not meant to circulate only among tight circles of people, because, in the long run, it becomes repetitive, uncreative, and asphyxiating, rather it is meant to spread among all people of good will, especially when their obedience to the Church is clear.

My True Brothers are those who do My Will and are united to Me through the bonds of Love and Grace, which is a participation in My Divine Nature, and makes them, therefore, My sons.

Mary Most Holy has been great because She is My Mother, but She is even greater for having done the Will of God.

My sons are greatsuch, not because they exercise a Ministry or because they are well-intentioned, but because they do My Will, carrying out My Mercy.

My Daughter, I see your holy efforts in making My Truth known, and I endorse them all, dipping them into My Precious Blood.

Remind those who to whom I will send you that the destiny and the fruits of the Gospel depend on personal predispositions.

It was certainly not My intention to preach the Good News and not be understood.

It would have been enough then that I did not speak at all!

Rather, at the risk of being misunderstood, I used parables, in which only a ray of My Truth shines forth. So that the good ones, eager to fully understand, would question me, thereby obtaining explanation.

Those who, instead, didn’t have good will, who didn’t care, remained in their blindness.

Remember the Most Prudent Virgin!

It will be the same for those who approach you; there have been and always will be also the wicked ones among them. Over the Truths of the Gospel, the enemy sows the errors of heretics and philosophers, who fight against the Gospel Truths, misinterpreting them.

Sometimes it is difficult for man to distinguish Truth from error. But the guilty ones are not to be cut off, for if they would repent they may become useful. Often, the impatient and impetuous zeal of some apostles ruins all the good done. They must do as I do, restoring by means of patience and goodness. In this way, the mustard seed becomes like one of our fruitful trees, and they, having become living and perfect stones, downsizing their impetus by the exercise of humility, will spread over the whole earth and, thus renewed by the divine leaven, will transform humanity.

The contamination is widespread and has reached the highest echelons.

But just a few righteous people are enough for Me to keep men away from chastisement.

I will give meaning and value to every work of mediation carried out by a few men for the benefit of others, preparing humanity for the concept of My universal primacy and bringing about the solidarity of everyone around My Person, considered in the light of the hypostatic union of Man-God.

Guilt and death now dominate over man, for there are only few testimonies of the righteous. But what matters is that the good grain does not become darnel.

No one can exempt themselves from doing something to eliminate evil.

And in this case, ‘something’ means giving testimony by a different way of acting, of thinking, of planning one’s own life, and, if need be, the open and loyal testimony of turning  back, of changing one’s life, of repenting for the evil committed.

Oh yes, this is what I desire in all of you, and I will have Mercy on all those who joyfully face all the difficulties they meet on their path, without hesitation, giving value, by means of My Precious Blood, to the heroism of faithfulness in their trials.

I bless you.