Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
June 23rd, 1996

The Holy City

Behold Jesus, all dressed in white.
How beautiful He is! Radiant with light, His hair blowing in the wind. He blesses, approaches me, and says:

My daughter, this is how I will come on the day that your love dedicates to my love.
I will bless each one of my sons.
I will bless their every step that brings them closer to my Cradle.
I will bless their sufferings, their joys, but above all, I will bless their hearts because I, Jesus, the Son of God, worshipped here through the love of the daughters of my Father, wish all hearts to be like mine.
I wish all my sons to be pure and faithful, as pure and faithful as my Mother is.
For all this to come true, the Father has wanted to give to many of His sons the joy of knowing this Island of love where I come every day to find rest and to reap the fruits of the love that here is generated in a unique, melodious harmony with the love of the Father.
On this day of celebration, that many of my sons are preparing to sanctify, I will welcome them as if for a rehearsal for the day when they will come to Me and will find, in the place where my Cradle now stands, my City, the Sovereign City of my Kingdom, the City where each of my sons, before entering, will leave behind outside its walls all their weaknesses, all anguish and all their residual earthly humanity, because none of this can enter my dwelling place.
Each one of my sons is to be ready to be received by the King of kings, to live together with the Angels and Saints who will come here in great number.
There will be very little difference between Heaven, where they are now, and the City which they already know well, and which, by my presence, will itself be a part of the Father’s Paradise.
My Angels have already brought my City from Heaven to this blessed land, and it remains invisible only because the hearts of my sons still need purification.
But the time has come when, through the prayers of my sons, the supplications of Mary to my Father, the sacrifice of those who have been able to lead lambs from far and wide to this fold of God, for all this, so many hearts will soon open completely to the love of God and their eyes will no longer see this earth that has been rendered almost unliveable by the negligence and selfishness of men.
They will thus see how great the love of the Father is.
They will be able to touch with their own hands his greatness and creative power that will renew this earth so that those who have believed and trusted in his infinite love may worthily dwell there.
They will be able to experience the joy of this unique great moment when the Father will look upon this earth and will make my City visible.
This is the certainty, this is the joy that I will imprint in the hearts of my sons on the day of this month when, though weary but happy, they will come before Me, the Child, to lay all their love at my feet.
I will make a mountain out of this love.
I will make a holy staircase out of this mountain that leads straight to the heart of the Father, in order to move Him, to induce Him to see and put an end to the sufferings, the injustices, the atrocities and the cries of pain that reach Me every day, to entice Him to stop all this, and to grant Me, the Son of His Heart, to come and dwell among you who eagerly await My return.
Be strong My sons, be worthy to welcome your Lord.
Make it so that I do not remain disappointed, because in this Island of Love that the Father has given you, I want to find only your love.
Only your love united with mine will open Heaven and will allow the heavenly light of my Father to descend and be clearly visible.
Prepare my feast with joy.
You call it my feast, but I say it is the feast of my sons, the feast of those who will come to Me.
Even if weary and tired, they will find solace in the love of my Father and in my Mother.
Jesus now leaves you.
You work on earth, my Angels work in Heaven, so that your work and their work may be a single hymn of love for those who will come to Me.
Leave all your prayers with Me.
I leave you my infinite love, as always.
Jesus, the light of your hearts, the fortress for your love, blesses you.