Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
September 13th, 1984

The Holy Spirit

Write, my Daughter:

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of love, the enlightening flame, the fire that guides souls and helps them to ascend toward Heaven.
The Holy Spirit is the personification of Holiness Itself and thus sanctifies all those who are worthy of His gifts.
The Holy Spirit is the very Spirit of the Father, of the Son and of the Spouse of the Most Holy Mother.
This is the time of Mary, My Mother and your Mother, but it is also the time of the Holy Spirit, who generously bestows His gifts on those who invoke Him with sincerity and love.
Anyone who possesses the Holy Spirit shall not fear any evil from the evil One, except for the trials that are necessary to increase in sanctification.
The Spirit of God dwells in the purest hearts, but also in those who desire to be cleansed in order to become ever more worthy of the Love of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit Himself and of Mary Most Holy.
The Little Chapel of Gallinaro is filled with the Holy Spirit, and those who enter imbibe love in proportion to the conditions of their spirit and their own capacity to receive.
It can be said that this little Chapel is like a great Font, and those who plunge into it with humility and faith emerge refreshed and saturated with Love.
In truth I tell you, if you want to be transmuted from beasts into divinized human beings, it is necessary to approach my second Grotto with faith, for there will never be another one ever again.
We are now in the end times, and I want all my sheep to gather there, and soon will come the day when some of them will be steadfastly there, praying and weeping for their brothers and sisters. They will be the holiest, the purest, the strongest, eager only to save others, even at the cost of whatever sacrifice.