Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
October 30, 1994

The Return of Jesus

Jesus and the Virgin Mary have come.

Jesus says:

Today I want to talk to you about My return, because I don’t want  what happened at my birth to happen again. Many prophets had announced the birth of the Messiah, and through the prophets the Father had also made known the city where I would be born.

The chief priests, who were the guardians of God’s Word, knew very well that the Messiah was about to be born.

But who welcomed My Mother and Joseph? Who offered them hospitality? Only the humble grotto received the Mother and Joseph.

The Father sent signs in the heavens; the Angels sang God’s glory; but did the learned run to see the Son of God? Did the wise men? Did the priests? No. Only the shepherds, the humble shepherds accepted the announcement and came to pay homage to the Son of God.

I was born in the land that the Father had given to His people, but the rulers of that people did not welcome me.

Three wise men from faraway countries understood that an extraordinary event was about to happen and, even though they did not understand it fully, they set off on a journey and found Me. They found Me because they wanted to find Me.

Then everything was forgotten until, after the announcement of John, I began the journey that was to take me to Mount Calvary to conclude My first earthly experience.

But I had left my blood on the Earth. My blood could not have been shed in vain. I had left My Mother to whom I had entrusted My sons and My Apostles.

Thanks to the seed of My blood, to the martyrdom of My Apostles, to the complete dedication of Mary My Mother, to the salvation of sinners, My Word was spread and listened to all over the Earth, which became even more sanctified through the blood shed by many martyrs.

Many wanted to destroy them all and wanted to make the memory of the sacrifice of the Son of God disappear forever, but the more they killed them, the more people were listening and treasuring My Word.

I sent Peter to die in the city that is the symbol of idolatry and of sin, and right there I wanted My Temple to be built, the Temple dedicated to all the Christians of the world.

My successors have not always been worthy heirs of my Saints, Peter and Paul, and I had to look elsewhere for the pillars of My Temple. I searched for them everywhere, in the cities, in the monasteries, and many, many answered My call. Many, with their love for God and their sacrifice over the centuries, have reinforced my toppling Temple , but ever since My birth and even before that, ever since I was just in the Father’s mind, the Father had already drawn My whole journey that could not have ended with My ascension to Heaven, and therefore the itinerary of My return had already been traced.

And so I come once more as a Baby, I come here, to this lonely place, to be born again in the heart of a little girl who has loved me as My Mother loved me. I became an adult in her heart. I had to grow up, just as I grew up in Joseph’s house.

I grew up in the heart of this Maiden. Then there was My Revelation, in a moment of great suffering, the Revelation of Mary who is now here with Me to manifest all her affection and who has wanted My Cradle.

I have wanted many sons here, so that I could grow up also in their hearts and they would love Me as My daughter loved Me, because only by means of the love of these sons can Iform the key that opens the Father’s heart so He may finally grant Me to come down and be with you.

I need all the love that you have been able to create in this joyful Island, that you know how to administer with the devotion as the daughter of My heart, so as to build my City, brick by brick.

I need many conversions, because for every son who converts, I raise an entire wall of My City. My City, also thanks to the love of My Grandmother, is almost ready. I am only waiting for the permission of the Father to put the last stone in its place.

Then, as you know, I will return in the glory of the Angels and Saints, in the glory of all the sons who have converted here and are already resting close to My heart and who will return together with Me.

It will be a day without beginning and without end because I am the beginning and the end. I am the beginning of the New Kingdom and the end of the old world.

It has already been said that My return will be the third most beautiful feast in Heaven, but now I add that it will also be a Feast of the Earth, because this Earth, mistreated and mortified by the negligence of men, will be made completely new because My sons will inhabit My City. The throne of the City will be the centre of My Cradle, the throne of its Kingwhich will extend throughout the whole Earth.

The sons who will be part of it, will only see new things because the Father will flood the whole Earth with His Love, He will hold it securely in His arms, and what the sons will see will be seen through the Love of the Father.

I will reign in the midst of My people, and finally My people will be free from all the slaveries that men have invented. My people will be free! They will be freed from the persecutions of my enemy and their lives will all be one in harmony with My heart and with the heart  of Mary My Mother, because the Father will give both of us this Kingdom.

I will call the sons most devoted to My heart. The sons who will have helped Me, will sit at My right side together with you my daughters and your joy will be great, for great has been your dedication to My Love and to the fulfilment of this great wonderful event that My return will be.

Jesus takes a step back, looks at His Mother and invites Her to speak.

Our Lady says:

I pray to the Fathermore and more, asking Him to allow our Jesus to come and heal all the evils of the Earth, but I also pray that many sons will be admitted to our City.

I who have suffered all pain in seeing My Son on the Cross, I who feel my heart pierced every time a son is lost, I take comfort every time a son is saved. I take comfort beside you for your having been nourished with all the love of Jesus.

My heart rejoices in seeing how many sons have learned from you how to love Jesus as we love Him. I am the Mother of the whole world, I am the Mother of all the sons of God, and as their Mother I would like to hold them all in My heart, but some still flee from me. Bring them to me, bring them before My Jesus, in this holy Place, so that Jesus may change their hearts and show them the path of God’s Love.

Great is my gratitude for those who help Me in this difficult task. You have done so much my daughter, but for you it is not yet time to rest, because the work that awaits you is still great. I will always be at your side. I will always be beside the sons who entrust themselves to My heart, to the Will of the Father and to your earthly guide, because at the very moment when these sons take your hand, they have already undertaken the road that leads to the Father’s heart.

My heart rejoices when I am among the people of My Son, when I am beside you because I see and touch the realization of the Father’s plans.

Behold, I kneel before My Jesus and say: “Jesus, Son of God, forgive the sinners, help those who suffer, give relief to those who have many sufferings in their hearts, spread Your Love over all the sons of the Earth. Pray to the Father, asking Him to put an end to so many tragedies, to give you the key to open the gates of Heaven, so that You, My Son, may gather the fruits that you have sown with Your blood and with the sacrifice of many sons. Jesus, come and take possession of Your White Island.  Do you not see how many sons await you? I invoke You, I beg You, give peace soon to the whole world”.

Jesus wipes Our Lady’s tears, raises Her, and embraces Her.

Then, looking at us, He says:

“I give you a special blessing today, together with My dearest Mother”.