Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
April 19th, 1998

The Source of Mercy and Peace

Jesus comes, in an immense light, and everything glows.
He comes close and says:
”I am Jesus, the Risen One, I am He who, through the love of the Father, conquered death and rose to return to the Kingdom of my Father.

Before all time, I already am in the kingdom with the Father, in a perfect and unique union of Love, but in order to redeem all the sins of the world, for My being God born of woman by the power of the Holy Spirit, I was given a body like all men, and with My scourged body, crowned with thorns, pierced with nails and a spear, I ascended to Heaven where My Father is, He who turned My crown of thorns into a true royal Crown, and made every wound of Mine into a brick forming the foundation of My Church.

Now that my body is glorified, I eagerly await the day when all the sons faithful to my Love will be able to see their bodies sanctified by the Eternal Light of my Father.

I will return to you one day with the Crown given to me by my Father, and you will recognise me as your Lord because you have been taught, in this blessed Land, how to recognise me, how to love me, how to keep me jealously enshrined in your hearts, and I will no longer be betrayed, nor will I be scourged, neither will they be able to impose another crown of thorns on Me because you my sons, will all gather around Me, to love Me and to raise hymns of praise to my Father.

How I wish, my sons, that each of you could already feel even now a small part of that love, serenity, and joy that everyone will experience on the day I come down to personally and definitively dwell in this little Cradle that you see is still so small. And yet you cannot even imagine how great and beautiful it is, as great and beautiful as the dwelling place of a King who wants all His sons, all His people, to be guests in His house in which you all, my sons, will dwell with Me because you already love this blessed Land, and therefore, in this love, you already love my home, your home. And when we will finally be all together with Mary, my Mother, and with the beloved daughter of my heart, then at last I will be Omnipotent Love, because I will have definitively completed my mission which began with the Annunciation to Mary, then paused with my Death and Resurrection, and will finally be concluded here by my Return for the final fulfilment of the plan of God, who has lavished all his Love on this great project of Redemption for the entire human race.

And hence, I will be with all those who have known how to acknowledge and love my Heart, with all those who will be able to continue loving my Father through Me, bowing before Mary, and to love, beginning already today and then forever, this blessed Land where one day the loving gaze of my Father rested, and in which, for a brief vision, He sent His Infant Son in order to make this Land fertile with Love and a source of Mercy and Peace.

My daughter, in waiting for this great plan to be fulfilled, invite everyone to be vigilant and attentive so that all the flatteries and promises of those who try by all means to divert my sons from the Father’s Love, may fall into the abyss.

Be vigilant, you ought to say, be vigilant, and in times of temptation entrust yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and I will always bestow my blessing.

I will never fail to help those who trustingly bow down with love before my Cradle, leaving their worries, their fears, their anxieties to you, my daughter, so that you may console them with your love, your prayers, and your words, blessing them in your heart, blessing them as I now bless you.”