Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
June 19th, 1994

‘The’ Tabernacle of Jesus”

Today Jesus said:
My sons, I’m so happy!
I bless you and I bless all those who know how to spread my word and are able to explain the greatness of this Mystery, willed by the Father and entrusted to my two daughters, the guardians of this corner of Paradise.
Again I say: anyone who sets foot in this holy place, with faith and with love, will be saved.
Tell everyone, say it loudly and say it with love, with so much love.
Tell them that I wanted my Cradle here, in order to find some rest; the rest provided by your prayers, by the sacrifice of those who guard this place, by the love of grandmother Antoniella, by the sacrifice of Giuseppina and by their dedication.
Take example from them both because I have given them to you.
Many love me, yet there are still so many who do not love me.
Invite them, invite them all: I want to hold them close to Me, for if not they will wait in vain for My coming and My gifts will cease.
Always pray to my Mother.
Spread this love, so that it may soften the hardest of hearts; so that all may invoke Her holy name and come to Me.
This is the path that leads to my heart.
The light of God’s love is housed in my little Cradle, but it also floods the whole valley.
It floods all who return to their homes filled with the light of God, and among them, those of goodwill will lavish it upon others and these in turn to others.
The Father cannot inundate the earth with his love if men do not first accept His light from you; the light that gushes forth from the Cradle, where I find rest by being cradled by motherly love, by my daughters, and by the prayers of those who devoutly linger at my feet.
I want to inundate the world with my Divine Love.
I want to hold everyone tightly to my heart; I want to take you all into the Father’s arms.
I want everyone to become part of the choirs of the Angels, to sing hymns of glory in honor of the Father.
Do not allow yourselves to be bent down, do not allow yourselves to be deceived by those who have always desired your ruin.
I have fortified you; I have given you the weapons to defeat him.
My Mother has given you the crown of the Holy Rosary.
Feed on God’s love, quench your thirst at His fountain, wipe away the tears of my Mother.
Great will be your reward.
On this day, I have mustered all the saints of Heaven.
Blessed are you who follow me.
Blessed are all those who will follow me: they will be able to understand and rejoice in Eternal Life.
You will see the fulfilment of the Kingdom of peace desired by the Father since the very first hour when he created day and night.
Peace to you all, for you have understood!
Peace to you all, for you have acknowledged that this is the place of my return.
Peace to you all, for you have placed your trust in the creatures of God who guard this great mystery.
I see the people whom I have called, filing past my Cradle with so much love, with so many prayers.
These prayers, united to the sacrifice of my daughter whom I have wanted at my side, give relief to my heart, make my Mother rejoice, are a source of joy for the Angels and Saints who continually gather before this Holy Chapel.
Hymns of glory rise up to God.
How great this Cradle becomes, even to containing all the Angels of Heaven, all the Saints of Paradise; even to containing all my people; united all together in a radiant light.
They talk to God.
They talk to the Creator.
As one heart; united with Him who gave His life for your salvation, pray in this way before my little Cradle:
Jesus, purify my heart;
Jesus, give me a new heart;
Jesus, welcome me into Your Cradle, because this Cradle will be Your Tabernacle,
and I want to live here with You and with all my brothers and sisters.
Jesus, grant this my prayer so that I may live in You and You in me.
I love You Jesus!
Pray this way, ask this to Me Child, and I will necessarily have to answer your pleas.
If you ask me with heart, if you ask me with love, if you ask in the name of my Mother, how can I deny you my Love, I who am Love?
I desire you all; I wait for you all!
You cannot image how big this Chapel is!
It can hold the whole world twice over.
It is also up to you to help me to fill it.
Help me!
Help me!
Can’t you see how many souls are being taken away from me?
Can’t you see the way my enemy works?
Tear off his wings!
Rip off his legs!
Tear out his tongue, that he may no longer seduce my sons.
You can do this, if you invoke my Name and the Name of my Mother.
He is afraid of you; he fears you.
Be not afraid.
He cannot do anything to you if you do not allow him to.
I have immunized you, and you can fight against him.
Do not be afraid!
I am with you; my Mother is with you, whenever you invoke her name.
Here, in this holy place, I fill you with God’s love.
Have no fear!
Soon, the Cross will no longer be the sign of my and your suffering, but it will be the symbol of my covenant.
Peace will exist between God and his people.
I will be with you every day.
I will be with you all the time, for sunrise and sunset will be one, and the light of God will illuminate the earth made new.
In union with my Mother, I bless you and I embrace you.