Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
August 28, 1994

The Three Most Beautiful Feasts

Jesus says: My Child’s heart is treasured in this little Cradle where my sons offer with love many prayers and give joy to my heart and to my faithful daughters whom I have placed here to defend my Cradle and to whom I revealed the mysteries it contains.   

One day they will be revealed. My daughter will be allowed to unveil everything.

Great will be the joy of those who have placed their trust in this holy Place, desired by the Father, blessed by the Mother and destined for the Son, so that here He may begin to reign, not only in all hearts, but to reign forever, as the greatest, the most humble among the rulers who reigned in Jerusalem  of the Kings.

Great was Solomon’s wisdom, infinite was David’s love, but the wisdom and the love by which I will reign in the heavenly Jerusalem, the City that will be fulfilled here, will be the love and the wisdom of God among you.

Rejoice my sons, I will be forever in your midst, we will live in the same house, we will sit at the same table, where I will open the book of life and call by name those of my sons who have responded to my invitation, who have deserved to have their name written in the book of the Saints.

You will be called one by one, I will let you enter, asking you nothing, because what has been written needs no introduction, because they are dear to my heart from the moment their names are inscribed.

Dear  sons, you will all be present before Me at that moment, and there will be no justification or reason for you not having responded to my invitation.

I call all my sons .

I call everyone with the same love, with the same identical love.

Dear sons, I would not want and I do not want my joy to be clouded that day by the disappointment, the pain and anguish of not finding all my sons there.

I don’t want to be the King of a small people, but the King of a great people, therefore I call upon you all to come here. Come, enter my heart.

There is room for everyone, because all the love I am able to give will be given only to the sons of my heart.

Then I will have to apply the justice of my Father, who will not allow me to open my heart to those who have refused my love.

This is the truth, my sons.

Here, in this place, I will return to reap the fruits of my passion.

This is my kingdom.

Warn everyone, my daughter.

Warn all my sons not to look elsewhere, not to listen to the siren song, not to be seduced by those who make use of my name.

Give me the opportunity that day to thank you all for your love, the love that you have been able to arouse for Me, for you and for your brothers.

Then, and only then, my heart will rest.

This will be the third most beautiful Feast in Heaven.

The first Feast was my Ascension into Heaven, the second, even more beautiful, was my Mother’s Assumption into Heaven, and now, Heaven on Earth, my return among you.

The whole universe prepares for this great Feast, because it will be the Feast of all my people, finally set free from the slavery of God’s enemy, who will no longer harm anyone.

This is what I promised to that innocent little girl; this is what I engraved in her heart.

Her faith in my love has allowed Me to fulfill my White Island.

Her love for my Cradle will bring this great plan to fulfilment, desired by the Father, entrusted to my love and to her sacrifice for your salvation.

I bless and embrace you.