Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
June 18th, 1995

The True Countenance of Jesus

Jesus, Our Lady and many Angels and Saints have come.
Jesus gives each of them a task,
and then, looking at the crowd, He says:

We are all here my daughter, to give comfort to your heart, to give so much strength to all the sons who have come here from so far away, with love and sacrifice.
We promise that we will not leave you alone until the last pilgrim has left this blessed Valley.
My Father has promised to lavish much love so that everyone may feel immersed, enveloped, and caressed by His Love.
This is the Island of the Father’s Love.
This is the Island where the Heart of Jesus beats every day.
Join your hearts to the Heart of Jesus and the Angels will sing with you.
On this day, all the Angels and Saints are together with Me, but the joy I feel when I am with My people is no less than the joy I feel with My Angels and Saints, for they sing My glory in living together with Me, with My Father and My Mother.
These sons of Mine, instead, sing of My glory as they are waiting to come and live with Me.
This is why my joy is so great when I am among them, and why my Love is great for those who have been able to nurture this seed of the Father’s love, so that it could germinate and grow even faster.
My word, preached and disseminated by my Apostles, has had centuries to take root in the hearts of men, while my word that spreads in this blessed Cradle has a limited time, a shortened time, and everyone must fill their hearts with much love so that they may bring others and many more to the knowledge of this corner of Paradise.
I recommend to all my sons, the sons of my Heart, to be strong and to live joyfully these days of waiting for the great, marvellous, and unimaginable event.
But why then did my Father give this Island of Love if not to allow everyone to know my True Countenance?
It is here, by their seeing my image as a Child, that I fix my Face in the hearts of men, so that they may recognise Me when, too late, they will discover the deception.
For this, my daughter, they must feed on the Love that flows from this blessed Cradle, the only beacon of recognition of God’s Love.
You are the guide of my sons, the guide of those who entrust themselves to you with love.
I personally guard, together with you, these my sons, and how I wish my Heart would no longer suffer in seeing so many sons still coming to my Cradle, yes, but with indifference to what I say through my messages. They give my Heart so much pain.
That is why I call out loudly and issue my invitation to all:
Come here my sons, sons redeemed by my blood, come and get your share of the love that the Father leaves here for each one of you.
Come, my sons, to seek solace.
Come to seek Love in the Heart of the Child who dwells here, the Place where the center of my eternal City will be, which today is the center of the Father’s mercy.
Come, my sons, come to Me, for I love you with immense love.
I bless you. I bless everyone, especially those far from my heart, so that today they may hear from Me this call of love.
I bless you my daughters. Be joyful for this day that you have dedicated to Me with all your love.
Thank you. Your dedication fills me with joy.
Thanks to all those who have been close to you and have collaborated in preparing for this great feast.
Thanks to all those who are here, wishing to share in my joy in an exchange of love with Me and my Mother.
All of you together, united with the choirs of the Angels and the hosts of the Saints, form one single heart, and you fill my heart with joy.
In union with my Mother, I embrace you all and I bless you once again.