Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
December 31st, 1994

The Year One of the New Era

Jesus, Our Lady, the Archangel Michael, and many Angels have come. How beautiful they are!

Behold, now Jesus speaks and says:
My daughter, I am here with you, in these final days of the year that is ending.
Every day I have looked into all the corners of this world, and I have seen so much suffering, so much injustices.
I have seen my innocent sons slaughtered through no fault of their own; I have seen so much pain that it has made my heart so sad and my soul so impatient for all this to end.
What have men done with the Paradise given to them from the Father!
How they have ruined this poor earth!
I find refuge and so much love here, at my Cradle.
During this year I have seen how many of my sons have come with love; I have seen my people increase.
They are all your sons of adoption, because your love and the devotion of your mother have brought so many different people here from so many places who have rediscovered here the love of God and the mercy of Mary.
It is my ardent desire to bring them all to the city I am preparing.
I love them all, all the sons of this land, because they are all equally dear to the heart of my Father. But how can I conquer the hardest hearts, where I have already knocked countless times?
How should it be said that the day of my return is drawing near?
It is necessary that my dearest sons repeat loudly the cry of John: “Prepare the way of the Lord”.
I leave behind this year that still has not brought anything good.
I leave this year behind, taking refuge in my island of love, because on this island of love every day I live again the moments of my Resurrection, admiring and blessing all the sons whom your love has brought to Me.
Everyone has a memory of a happy moment in their life.
I remember the love of Joseph; I remember the love of my disciples. But the unique memory of my Resurrection is the one that is always alive in my heart, because I want all my sons to experience this marvellous unique sublime experience that is the fruit of God’s love.
And I, am I not preparing the resurrection of my sons?
Shall they rise or not to new life on the day when I will come down to reign among them?
Is not this the greatest gift that the Father has given to Me, so that I might give it to all My sons?
They come here to the foot of my Cradle with so much love, with so many prayers, bringing here their sorrows, their anguish, their sufferings, their desires, and I will recompense them for so much love; I will recompense them because the day that everyone awaits, that many invoke, will be for them what the day of my Resurrection was for Me.
I will be with them every day; you will be beside Me every day; your mother will be beside My Mother every day, or, if you prefer, the whole day, because it will be one endless day.
No longer will the hours be counted; no longer will there be the affliction of human misery, because everyone will have only one task: to raise hymns of praise to My Father for what He will have done out of love for His sons.
His mercy will spread a veil over all the past, so that nothing shall disturb the joy of the sons of His heart; so that you my daughter may rejoice with Me.
Do you see how many sons?
Do you see how many they are?
They are so many, they have grown, they have also grown in faith, because they have been nourished by your love and by the love of the Father who fills my Holy Valley.
A new year is now at hand.
Live it with serenity; live it with love.
You must say to my people: make every day a holy day, worthy to be returned to the Father with the same love with which He gives to each one of you every day of your life.
Sanctify each day of your lives; make it so that on the day of my return I will find many, many saints waiting for me.
This is what I ask in exchange for all the love I give.
I suffer along with all my sons who suffer.
For this reason, for all these sons, I wish to close this book and unseal the book of eternal life, thus allowing all My sons to finally feed only on love.
Love, peace, concord: this is the wish that I leave to my sons for the new year of the old era, of the era that I hope to replace soon with Year One of the new era.
Pray, pray so that your prayers may quickly reach the Father’s heart.
Pray that sunrise and sunset will soon be one.
Open your hearts to The Lord.
I am a beggar of love.
Do not reject this request of mine, because I have no more time to open your hearts; I have no more time; do not refuse this offering to the Son of God, who makes himself a beggar for your salvation, for then I will be King and Judge.
Come to my heart; adore the heart of Mary, and my Father will be in your heart forever.
I bless you; my Mother blesses you together with Saint Michael.
I bless you for ever my daughter, with all the people your heart desires.
I bestow my blessing so that this New Year may bring a gift of love to everyone, a gift of reconciliation with the Father.

The Angels sing:
Praise be to the Lord Jesus,
the living God who will come down to earth
and will reign forever with the people of His heart,
Praise be to Jesus,
the Son made flesh for the love of God.”