Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
March 24th, 1985

To die in order to live;
to lose in order to gain

Jesus says:
My daughter,
“Behold, the world has gone after Him” – the Pharisees said bitterly.
This phrase still holds true today for you.
People who approach those called by Jesus want to see Jesus.
These people who are far from God are not intruders.
They come at the right time, for the hour has come when Jesus, through you, draws everyone to Himself.
But He uses you in a completely incomprehensible manner, in which realities reverse their meaning:
“To die in order to live,
to lose in order to gain,
to be victorious over death, letting yourself be swallowed by it;
to see Christ, waiting for Him to depart.”
The hour of victory is also the hour of agony.
Jesus departs, not to abandon but in order to be found more deeply; He dies, not to decompose, but to reproduce Himself in a multitude.
The painful choices imposed by the present time are no longer just losses but give rise to a more beautiful future.
To ascend the Cross means, then, to proceed towards glory.
Only then will souls lift their eyes to the tree of life.
“We want to see Jesus,” say those who are far away.
But who will be those who manifest Jesus, if not those who will reveal the value of the glorification of Christ by their own death?
Who are the apostles who act as intermediaries, so that the world may recognise the One who draws all to Himself?
Many are the honest men who seek a meaning for their lives, for their own martyrdom.
But will they meet true friends of Jesus who will point them towards Him?
There is, today, a possibility of a more personalized encounter with the Mystery of Jesus Christ, but on condition that, in any case, it puts you in contact with the Cross and takes the risk of entrusting the grain of wheat to the soil.
Each time you accept being born from the pierced side of Christ, you draw near to the glorious Christ.
There will no longer be the obligation to comply with the law, but everyone will feel the need of responsibility: faith will no longer be written on stone tablets, but in the heart of man.
Christ saves you by His suffering and His death.
With the help of His grace, you too will learn to die in order to rise again with Him; to lose yourselves in order to find yourselves in Him; to leave everything in order to rediscover everything in Him.
The Lord, then, will infuse your hearts with His Law, with His Spirit of Love, because you will have made of your life a sharing of His, and He will make you participate in the great Mystery of salvation.