Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
October 28th, 1985

You are never alone

My daughter, you are never alone.

You are in relationship with Me ever since I created you.

But I conceived you before time began, and I know you since forever.

Knowing me and entering more and more into this loving relationship, you feel all the limitations of your ability to reciprocate My infinite love with your finite love, and you say to me:

Father, give me Your Love, so I can make of It an offering worthy of Your Majesty.

And I answer you: I gave you my Son!

He alone can love Me as I am due, for His is the Love of a God.

Offer me His Love.

For the Son loves the Father and you, in the Son, may realize your love in Me.

The Love in the Son is so sublime, absolute and complete that it is a Person.

Therefore, Love is Spirit and is Holy.

Not the Holy Trinity on one side and humanity on the other, but the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and You.

It must be the same for every single person and not for groups of people.

This relationship, broken or ignored, must be the object of your restoration in all the souls I entrust to you.