A Beacon of Light

(Un Faro di Luce)

From Heaven above, You saw this lost humanity,
with so many worries, deprived of life
and Your eyes full of Love
saw a Little Flower in the world.
It was the Heart of a Sweet Little Girl,
whom everyone calls Giuseppina,
ready to welcome the Divine Word.
You were coming back to us, Baby Jesus!


The Cradle rises, a Beacon of Light
for all those seeking Peace.
With Its rays it traces the path
for those who are seeking the Way in this world.

The sweet Little Girl has become a Mother,
and with Her example She still guides us.
As the Magi followed the star,
with Her Love She leads us to the Cradle.
Here, all together we ask You, O Lord,
to fulfill Your Plan of Love,
that will be realized in this Land:
It will be a Kingdom of Peace and Goodness!