A Mother in my Heart

(Una Mamma nel cuore)

So much grace poured out, by one single smile,
the pain is sweeter, contemplating Her sweet Face.
That life, that was fading has been restored by the Lord,
it was offered for Love and was never taken back !


I have a Mother in my heart,
She gave Her life to the Lord,
there is a Star in the Sky,
She traced the path!

How many lives pierced by the sins of the world
now, thanks to Her, have returned to the Gospel.
Like an overflowing river, springing out from Your smile:
Your people, O Mother, contemplate Your face.


 I have a Mother in my heart,
She, living flame of love,
here, by Her example of life,
She inflamed our hearts!

She holds us tight to Her Heart, with immense Love
at last, all gathered under one Shepherd
renewed right now by Her Ultimate Gift,
from the Lord, we receive forgiveness, forever.


I have a Mother in my heart,
She is a mystery of love,
She guards the Child,
She gives the Divine Smile!

 Oh Baby Jesus, rest on a cloud of Light,
Your Mother  returns to bring Peace to the world.
She is the most beautiful Bride, embraced by the Lord,
in the glory of the Saints, in the Cradle of Love!


Mother, return among us,
here, in the Valley of Love,
here with Jesus in glory,
grant us eternal Victory!