Blessed Hope

(Beata Speranza)

In this Heavenly Cradle, You spoke to my heart
of a celestial life that you want to bring Here on Earth,
and of Your transfigured Love that renews the world
where we’ll freely run without the burden of sin.
I feel no more sadness, no more pain in my heart
but only an immense joy and infinite love.
There is no longer the darkness of an aimless life
but Light and Hope:
I eagerly await this fulfilment.


A blessed Hope fills my days:
the glorious embrace with You, my Lord,
In the Bosom of Mary, Your Mother and mine
finally I will see the Father’s smile.

In this Island of Love one of my thoughts flies towards
that blessed day of joy in which all creation will exult.
But then I lose myself in this great immensity
and I ask myself:
Lord, how will the new reality be!

Paradise will be on earth, eternal beatitude
contemplating My Face for eternity
in the arms of Mary, Your Mother and mine
the Father will reveal to you the mysteries of the Kingdom.