Embrace of Love

(Abbraccio d’Amore)

So much time has passed since the first time we met,
on that sunny day, that embrace of Love.
I see and I feel myself still walking this journey
towards the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus.
Among serene smiles, songs and prayers,
I didn’t know where I was, and why I had come.
But I felt Peace filling my heart,
Then I met Your eyes,
and I felt enraptured, my Lord.
And I found myself in Your embrace.


Embrace of Love, beyond every dream
Embrace of Love, that You renew every day
Embrace of Love, from Heart to heart
Embrace of Love, with You, my Lord.

Whenever I can, I come back to You,
whether it rains or shines, I never ask why.
The joy of being still on the journey is enough
finding the brothers and sisters You have put at my side,
in that unique Mother who asks us, weeping,
to break the chains that tie us to the world,
to take both friends and enemies by the hand
and bring them to You, so they too may be happy.
They too will know the joy of Your embrace.