For those who have not known Her

(Per chi non L’ha conosciuta)


For those who have not known Her
For those who would have loved Her
For those who from the depth of their heart
want to know about Her.

She was sent by God
to suffer and rejoice with us
The most candid and beautiful Star
that even today has no comparison.

Her sweet words are caresses
Her loving eyes love you
Her tender hands welcome you.
And silence is God’s gentle breath.


 She said to me: be humble and patient
bring all His souls here, to Him
Free your heart of fear
Have faith and continue to pray.

I felt God’s Love
and my heart began to flutter
In tears I had to leave Her
but I remember Her warm embrace.


 Saying goodbye, She joyfully said to me:
Bow your head, I will bless you with a cross.
With Her right hand, She touched me lightly
and the indelible sign is on me forever.

She taught us to love our brothers
to pray in silence and humility
to remain always united to the Lord
in His Plan for a world of Peace.