God’s Cradle

(Culla di Dio)

Maiden, who welcomed His Heavenly Invitation,
You’re the Eternal Tabernacle that contains the Infinite.
God fixed His joyful gaze in Your eyes,
and the glorious journey began for us, children.
The Divine Mystery became flesh in Your Heart.
Your dear Child came to us in the Light,
And He established His Holy Dwelling Place in our midst
to give Peace to those who still love Him.


Living Cradle of the Eternal Infant,
preserve the Divine Mystery forever.
Give Him to the world in His splendour,
and prepare us for the Return
of our beloved Lord!

At the Wedding, the Bride’s Love spoke
and obtained the Precious Drink from Her Son.
In You He conquered evil in the hardest moment,
revealing the Safe Haven to the whole world.
The peoples start their journey on a path of Light,
and will enter the Ark led by Your Son.
Here You will embrace them, and in this Last Sign
You will imprint the Seal of the Kingdom on their hearts!

Ref. (twice)