Mary, my Mother

(Maria, Madonna mia)

You are rest  in our weariness,
You are the Source of clemency!
Grant me Your Love,
sweet Mother of the Lord!
With Your purity,
dispel the mist of my life!
Make my way steady,
stay close to me!

Mary, my Mother!
Rise and light the way!
You who already lead all people of good will
to this Cradle.

Your Grace is like an overflowing river,
that breaks every chain within!
Fastens every heart to Heaven
by the Rosary of Love!
Very soon the whole world,
will come Here by Your path!
Rise, Mother of Baby Jesus,
Rise, Morning Star!

Mary, Mother of Mine!
Rise and bring us back the Messiah!
Who in this Cradle has already chosen
His rest for all eternity.