Praises to the Highest

(Le lodi dell’Altissimo)

It’s been a long time now,
as You see, many hearts love You now
Your family grows in this Cradle,
And Here now, the new Kingdom is born!
This is Heaven in the midst of us,
The new Land offered to Your sons,
thanks to the Love of Your Daughters,
You spread Your wonders to everyone!


The Angels descend from Heaven
to Your Cradle, Baby Jesus!
They sing praises to the Highest,
together with all the hearts
that today are Here for You!

Sometimes, with a little thought,
I feel I’m really flying,
and here I am, before Your Cradle at Your feet,
My heart is filled with joy and I lack nothing!
I only have a great need in my heart,
to sing Your infinite Love to everyone.
Eternity will not be enough, my Jesus,
to thank and love You more and more!