Sixty Pearls

(Sessanta Perle)


This great Mystery wanted by Heaven,
began with the “Yes” of a sweet little Girl!
A little cloud brought You here Jesus
it enlightened the Earth and then vanished!
The sweet Maiden made Her Heart be
a little Cradle for Baby Jesus!
And from that day on, incessantly,
many people arrive from all over the world!

Sixty “yes’s” offered to Jesus
for the Triumph of His Kingdom below here!
Sixty flowers, each one a colour
are the most beautiful of the Lord’s garden!

So many hearts have arrived here and changed,
So many lost children have renewed themselves here!
So many sick have been healed here,
So many sinners have been converted!
So many signs of love, presence of God!
So many signs I’ve seen and also experienced!
So much Infinite Grace spreads from Here!
So many fruits of Love are born from that “Yes”!

Sixty pearls for a necklace
worn at the most beautiful feast!
Sixty years, today I too am here!
Thanks to You Maiden, Handmaid of God!