Thank You Mom

(Grazie Mamma)

How great is Your Love, Mary,
Mother of Jesus and my Mother too.
I learned to rediscover the Lord
at Your holy school of Love.


Thank You Mom,
because you showed me, below here
the Cradle of Your Baby Jesus, Jesus.

As a light breath of breeze
so sweet is Your caress
and since I’ve found it here
I’ll never leave it again.


Beautiful Mother, holy Mother
You have taught me the way to the Kingdom
You gave me Your holy Rosary
as a balm You have healed me.


Guide me on Your paths
and I will remedy the sins of yesterday.
Always hold me tight to your Heart
So I’ll never forget Your Love.


To you  I cry out: I LOVE YOU,
and all together we beg you:
prepare us for the encounter,
for the encounter with Jesus.
He will be among us soon
and a Feast will begin, a Feast that will never end.

Thank You Mom,
because You gave me hope  
that I have never forgotten
and together with You, I’m waiting below here
the return of Your Son Jesus,
the return of Your Son Jesus,
the return of Your Son Jesus!