The Eternal Maiden

(L’Eterna Fanciulla)

On the 13th of June, a bright Day of Light
You come down from Heaven by the Father’s love
once again, Jesus, You came back as a Child here below
to dwell in the Heart that was ready for you!


Oh Lord, rejoice for Her Heart
The Eternal Maiden is the Message of Love!
She’s the Pearl hidden to the wise of the world
It’s a great Mystery of deep Love!

Your Great Love nourishes Her Heart every day
and prepares Her for the Wedding with You Redeemer!
Everything is fulfilled on the 15th of May
We give thanks to You for this passage!


She offered Her Life for Her divine mission:
“To prepare Hearts for Your return, O Lord”!
now Your people continue the journey
And from Heaven She guides us to Your coming Kingdom!

Ref. (twice)