The Father’s Cradle

(La Culla del Padre)

The Mystery of Your Love shines in our midst,
the rays of Your Light lead me to Your Heart!
My soul is thrilled in seeking Your Peace,
You call me in this Cradle, Your gift lays here!
Strong is my desire to espouse Your Call,
Your immense Love is the eternal life of my heart!
Jesus, Jesus: Your name pervades my mind,
The heart of my soul beats and will never stop!


I consecrate myself to You, Eternal and Immense Father,
in this Cradle that
You entrusted to the care of our Mother,
destined for the Son, Your little Lord,
and to whoever will cradle Him with great love!

Living flame that waits, the certainty of Your Kingdom,
announced, proclaimed, in the Light of Your Sign!
Baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes, a beautiful Smile
You have filled my heart with love and hope!
I thank You, sweet Love,
I consecrate myself to Your beautiful Heart,
May my “Yes” be renewed Here,
Please increase my fervor
every moment, every day,
until that sweet moment in which
you will seal every sentiment for Eternity!