The Most Beautiful Bride

(La Sposa più bella)

In the month of the roses, a blossom between the thorns,
among all Your brides, Her “Yes” shone,
and like a fruit of Love, the Cradle of a Great Mystery
descended from Heaven!

All Her life She gave to You Jesus,
and when it was almost over, She loved You even more,
and You Came in Her Heart, ready for You,
to reign among us, sweet King!


Jesus, I love you, I love you so much
I rely on You, do not leave me alone
Do with me what You please!

Like dew that bathes the morning
Grace descends on us along the way,
Thanks to that Flower, our Mother,
who takes care of Your sons here and renews Her eternal Yes!

Holding Her hand, we come to You Jesus
all together we wait, Jesus, return here!
Come back soon to Your Cradle,
through the love of Your beautiful Star !