The Road to Salvation

(La Strada della Salvezza)

I lose myself in my thoughts and in all the things
You have given us in this valley,
the Goodness You already give us
is just a taste of eternity
and I already feel the scent of that dawn,
I know that soon everything will change.
A new love You ask us to give,
to become  gentle and humble
so as to be YourSons, according to Your will.


Go, follow the road
that the Lord prepares for you,
Go, without fear
for the Holy Mother is beside you,
Go, reach the new reality,
the Father will embrace you there.

From every place, people will come to this Cradle,
and they will find Peace,
You will effuse Your Mercy  
to restore their hearts,
There will be a great feast with the Angels and the Saints
and that hope will triumph in us,
And You will give us new joy: we will be many together with You,
so to become Your sons, according to Your will.