The Sun of God

(Il Sole di Dio)

A new day is born,
a delight for humanity,
the darkness of the first hours will pass very soon,
a New Dawn is already rising.
A new Sun will shine
and will never again set,
Its Light will spread everywhere
and everything will be renewed.


The Sun of God will soon rise in the Sky
and will wipe every tear away forever,
radiating Love, it will warm every heart
and there will be Peace on earth.
The Sun of God is a sweet Bride that will come,
the Sun of God is a City that will shine,
the Sun of God rises in a blue Sky,
You, Sun of God, the Love of Jesus.

Come, brother, together with us to meet the Sun,
here, at the Cradle, Its Light radiates,
we will walk towards freedom,
happiness and eternal Life!