After 40 days, Jesus ascends to Heaven
and already sees the future history

May 21st, 2020


In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Dear faithful, today is the day of the Ascension of Jesus. Next Sunday the Church will celebrate this great solemn Feast which on this day, on this Thursday, finds fulfilment. In fact, today marks the forty days after Easter Sunday, during which Jesus remained with His first friends, the Apostles, to help them, to comfort them and to fully prepare them for the Mission they were called to carry out.

Many were the times when the Risen Jesus manifested Himself during those forty days. Some of these are chronicled in the Gospels, some not. But Jesus was with His friends, with many people, with many children, comforting, helping and calling to Himself many who were ready to live Heaven whose doors were opened for the first time by Jesus by means of His Resurrection. After having spent those forty days between Heaven and earth, Jesus finally ascended to Heaven, welcomed by the whole of Heaven in celebration.

Today we join the Feast of Heaven in the waiting for the celebration of this great Feast, next Sunday, with all of you, dear faithful, with all those who wish to live the Liturgical Celebration united with Jesus, the Living Bread descended from Heaven, in the living spiritual communion of heart, soul and spirit that characterises this Church, in order to live, in Spirit and Truth, the communion with Jesus Eucharist and to unite ourselves with the Lord to put into practice in our daily lives, His teachings, the Commandment of Love that spurs us to love the Lord every day with all our being and therefore to love our brothers and sisters as ourselves.

This is the meaning of being a Christian. This is the meaning of living as Christians, of living all things in holy simplicity and true authenticity, so that many may return to live the true Christian and Catholic, Universal Religion, without heaviness but in the living lightness that Jesus taught us, that Mary taught us, just as it was taught to those first Friends, to the Apostles: an agile, streamlined religion, that is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, that puts at the centre again the love for Jesus and for Mary, the love for the brothers and sisters that Jesus sets on our path every day.

With these vivid sentiments, today we wish to thank You, sweet Jesus, for this Holy Day and we ask for the Grace to make us experience, even now, here, on this Earth, in this Dwelling Place that You have established, the joy of Heaven that in the New Jerusalem, the Land of Love, already is.

During His ascension to Heaven, Jesus was able to contemplate the Land of Love that the Father showed Him. In that moment, the Father showed Jesus what would have happened in the end times that we are now living here.

Behold, Jesus saw Himself in the guise of a Child again. Jesus saw a little young girl playing on a lawn and He saw a Cradle and a crowd flocking and praying. In that very moment, Jesus already saw the future history, the Final Fulfilment, that we are now living here and are called to bring to completion, to help Jesus to complete what He began by offering His own Life out of love for all of us His sons.

Today let us unite ourselves to Mary in a special way, so that She may keep us in Her Pure and Holy Heart thus making us contemplate, with the eyes of the spirit, the Grace of the Father Who has established His Dwelling Place here and Who has called us here allowing us to experience Heaven even from now, in this Corner of Paradise where the Spirit of Jesus is alive and walks among us.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.